WeTALC Minutes

April 22, 2005

Union University




President Hope Shull called the meeting to order thanking Steve Baker for hosting.  Those present also included Sylverna Ford, Darlene Brooks, Tom Singarella, Steve Rogers, Scott Cohen, Pam Dennis, and Margaret Cardwell. Hope asked for additions or corrections to the minutes from the previous meeting.  Tom Singarella moved, and Sylverna Ford seconded, that they be accepted as distributed. The new business was to be election of officers for the coming year.  Scott Cohen graciously volunteered to take on the chair’s duties.  Margaret Cardwell will continue as secretary.  The officers were approved by acclamation. Because of a schedule conflict, Steve Rogers agreed to host the next fall meeting at the University of Tennessee, Martin with Freed-Hardeman then hosting the following fall.  Rhodes will host the spring, 2006 meeting in their new library which everyone is most anxious to see.

Tom Singarella asked for clarification as to the group’s affiliation with TALC, the Tennessee Academic Libraries Consortium.  Sylverna suggested that the TALC group is not currently active.  Scott noted that the groups are not related.  WeTALC began in 1965 in Jackson.

Hope initiated a discussion of consortial pricing for database purchasing noting the difficulties involved in partnering state and private schools.  She suggested that the private schools that are part of TICUA might be interested in using their group purchasing plan.  Scott mentioned the Tennessee Database of Databases which can be found from Scott’s page http://faculty.jscc.edu/scohen/tbrlib.html or http://library.apsu.edu/library/dobbsa/tennshar/.  This lists the databases subscribed to by TBR schools.

Tom mentioned the Institutional Repository paper that he wrote for the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries Charting the Future Committee.  He had sent it to the WeTALC list. He also passed out paper copies that he had brought. Tom also proposed that WeTALC might sponsor educational workshops that would be valuable to the group.  Some topics mentioned were web design, digitizing & archiving, institutional repositories and the licensing of databases. 

The ever present topic of SACS review was briefly discussed.

Pam asked if the meetings could be moved back to Saturdays as Friday meetings were difficult for her staff to attend.  It was agreed that meetings would alternate between Fridays and Saturdays.







Respectfully submitted:

Margaret Cardwell

Christian Brothers University

 WETALC Report April 22, 2005



We continue to work on making corrections to our Voyager catalog and to learn how to better make use of the many functionalities of the system.  The server for our new ENCompass product, which will do federated searching, and LinkFinder, which will make the display of full text seamless, has been ordered and is being shipped this week.  We have scheduled onsite training for the second week in June.  We look forward to this new challenge and to less frustration on the part of our students and faculty in their research process.  We hope to purchase at least one collection from JSTOR this summer.  Since storage is a real issue at CBU, we continue to weigh the risks/benefits of discarding those bound volumes that JSTOR will replace.


In part because we do have a new system we have taken the opportunity to travel to various meetings that will help us to better use the Endeavor products. Margaret Cardwell attended the recent ACRL meeting in Minneapolis and went to several sessions dealing with federated searching.  Suzanne Mangrum, Debi Babb, and Margaret Cardwell will attend the Endeavor user’s group meeting in Chicago at the end of the month.  And several plan to attend the Tennessee Endeavor meeting in Nashville in May. 


At Christmas, the library hosted an open house to celebrate the $10,000 donation by the Assisi Foundation toward the purchase of books.  Books that were part of that grant were placed under the Christmas tree for our donors to peruse.  Mrs. Edward Duke was the guest of honor as the books were given in her late husband’s name.  A book plate was framed for her as a small memento.


This past winter Margaret Cardwell took advantage of the opportunity to travel with the college Study Abroad program on its trip to Paris over the New Year holiday.  As part of the program each student had to come to the library for bibliographic instruction in order to complete his/her research project on some aspect of Paris sights.  It was a treat to see the end result of the research the students did when they presented their papers to the group at the various museums, etc. that were toured.  Even passersby on the street stopped to listen sometimes!


The curriculum library continues to linger on the back burner waiting for some slow time this summer.  The project to reclassify from Dewey to LC waits for funding.  The incorporation of library instruction into the new GER courses will be piloted in the fall.   The planned request for faculty status for librarians is on hold until the new president of the university is in place in December.








2004-05 Highlights

Emma Waters Summar Library

Union University




Shirley Harris, former librarian with the Memphis Commercial Appeal, began her service with Union on April 4 as our first full-time librarian permanently based on the Germantown campus.


Jenny Lowery, Instructional Services Librarian, received a grant from the institution to develop an online tutorial for the use of new students that will provide them with the basic knowledge of our library resources and services.


Melissa Moore, Reference Librarian, is now giving direction to the library’s collaboration with the School of Education to support the School Library Media Specialist certification program.  She also has recently been asked to serve as a reviewer for both VOYA and School Library Journal.


Mary Platt, Cataloging and Authorities Librarian, has received her training and recently participated in her first institutional review using SACS new principles of accreditation.


Pat Morris, Collection Development Librarian, is nearing completion of a systematic de-selection process covering our entire book collection.  She has also been serving on the dissertation committee for several of the institution’s recent EdD graduates.


Two members of our support staff, Jeannie Byrd and Valerie Howell, are nearing completion of their MLS from different online degree programs.  Valerie expects to graduate in August from Texas Women’s University followed by Jeannie in December from UT.  They both previously completed advanced degrees in other disciplines.


All the others who make up our most capable support staff (Matt Esparza, Lori Haney, Beth Lynn, Stephen Mount, Paul Simer, Paul Sorrell, and Louella Stewart) do most of the real work that makes a difference in the scholarship of our students and faculty.


Events and Happenings


For the second straight year the library will be the location for the poster sessions for the annual Union University Scholarship Symposium on May 2.  Our participation in this event last year was very well received and provided us with some good visibility.


Our institutional LibQUAL+ survey results were released on March 29.  Results for the consortium of eight schools we joined for this assessment exercise are expected later this spring.  The results, especially the written comments, have already impacted our planning process.


On February 19 the library hosted a reception in honor of Bob and Mary Ruth Hundley, alums who generously provided funding for the renovation of the second floor to create much needed additional group study space.  It also is the new location for academic assistance services.  This area has been named the Hundley Center for Academic Enrichment.


During the spring semester members of the library staff have been participating in work groups to develop departmental outcomes that will give focus to the library’s effort to support the goals of the institution’s new strategic plan.  That plan, dubbed Union 2010, includes three library specific goals dealing with funding, facilities, and archives.


Two members of the Tennessee Newspaper Project were present the week of October 11 to inventory our collection of historic newspapers for inclusion in the project.


































Rhodes College


WETALC Spring Meeting

April 22, 2005

New Library


The new Paul Barret, Jr. Library is almost completed.  Substantial construction completion is scheduled to be finished by May 27th, and the contractors may finish before this date.  The book move, contracted to William B. Meyer Incorporated out of Stratford, Connecticut, will begin on June 2nd.  Furniture delivery will take place on/or about June13 – 17. 


We have placed on the calendar a July 11, 2005 “soft” opening of the new library.


Collection Development


Major collection development has occurred with a number of departments.  Rachel Feinman and Bill Short have met with a majority of the departments on campus.  Rhodes has 5 satellite libraries on campus that mostly comprise of journals:  Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math, and Music.  Except for the Biology library, the other libraries will now be integrated into the new Library.  Our Catalogers are working hard to make decisions about the future of these collections in the new building.


Open Position


Our night Circulation Supervisor left Rhodes to pursue another career.  We are in the process of reviewing applications for another person, but in the meantime our work study students have been manning the desk and handling situations when a Reference person is not in attendance.  Except for the odd problem or two, there has been no major disruption of service. 



New Work study  positions for the Fall


Rhodes is experimenting with a new type of work study student (RSAPS-Rhodes Student Associate Program) that is a separate entity from the traditional work study program, and the Library/IT division has been asked to be participants in this endeavor.  25 on-campus positions are available for the rising sophomore/junior students who are selected because they are highly qualified and highly motivated.  These are not the typical work study positions, besides being paid at a higher pay rate, these positions will focus on the student learning valuable work related skills that will augment any resume. 

The Library/IT student will be the liaison between all “new faculty” members and the Information Services Division.  This student will arrive a week early in August, and begin training sessions from select Library/IT persons. 



Highlights Update


Health Sciences Library and Biocommunications Center

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Memphis, TN


WeTALC Meeting

April 22, 2005





The UT Health Sciences Center (UTHSC) has a new Chancellor, Dr. William Owen, who recently took office.  The Chancellor will be meeting with the library faculty in early May. 




We are currently conducting a national search for a Web Services Librarian.  This is a tenure-track faculty position at the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, or Associate Professor, depending on qualifications and experience.  We will be interviewing applicants for the position shortly and plan to make a decision in May.  Additionally, we have 4 vacant staff positions that we hope to fill this summer.




The library budget is in a state of flux, as we are again projecting a deficit due to journal and electronic database inflation.  The library budget has not been adjusted to cover journal inflation from last year.  Therefore, we are waiting to hear whether money will be added to the library base budget, or if we will have to cut journal titles to balance the budget. 




We have purchased the Go-Print pay-for-print system for public computer printers.  This system will interface with our Copicard machines.  We plan on implementing the system this summer.  A Policies and Procedures Committee is working on the business plan and policies related to the system.


We mounted a demo digital repository for faculty to self-archive their published and preprint journal articles. We found that most faculty did not do so.  Dr. Singarella developed a white paper on Institutional Repositories (IRs) (attached) and will be presenting on IRs to the Faculty Senate in May.


The student government association executive committee has provided the library money to purchase new Aeron task chairs for the public computer areas, and additional laptops for student check-out at the Circulation Desk.


We are closing the library from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (when it will reopen) on June 10 for Collection Maintenance Day.  The day will be used to shift stacks and shelving and most members of the library will operate as a team on this project.  We do this once a year in June.


We have purchased and are implementing an Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) for paperless billing for interlibrary loan.


We have completed SACS review and our campus and library passed with flying colors.


We have put out our binding contract out for bid.  


We’ve received two small grants from the National Library of Medicine, including community outreach and mounting a PDA symposium.  We have a couple of small grant proposals pending. 




We have gone to an electronic newsletter, with live links to important information.  This replaces our print newsletter, which is regularly published 3 times per year. 


We continue to send LIBRARY TIPS emails to all campus faculty, staff, and students on a weekly basis.  These library tips have been popular and useful to the campus community.


We have developed a web page specifically for UTHSC Alumni that will be implemented in May.  This web page will list all resources available to our Alumni, as well as an explanation as to why they cannot access licensed online journals and e-databases.


Dr. Singarella presented an overview of the library to the Faculty Senate in January, and as always, faculty were surprised at the cost of biomedical information in the form of journals and electronic databases.


Library Security


We have updated library security policies.  Although the primary users of the library are the students, faculty, and staff of UTCHS, access to the library is open to all citizens of Tennessee.  Therefore, our biomedical information resources are used by many people, including health professionals, people with personal health concerns, attorneys, educators, and students and faculty from other educational institutions.   However, library computer use is now restricted to UT faculty, students, and staff, and access may be granted to visitors seeking health or biomedical information. A visitor is any non-UT person. 


Access to the Multimedia Lab is now restricted at all hours for use by UT students, faculty, and staff.  Special permission may be granted for a visitor who has a sound reason for using the lab, but this use must be related to healthcare, research, and biomedical information. Visitors may use the public computers in the main reading room of the library to search for biomedical information.   Access to the E-Classroom is restricted during evening and weekend hours.  We are installing card readers that will use UT ID’s for access to these rooms.




We are excited to have a new Chancellor on board and hope that a consistent budgetary process will address the significant problems posed by journal and E-database cost inflation. 


Submitted by:


Thomas Singarella, Ph.D. 

Professor and Director

Health Sciences Library and Biocommunications Center

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

877 Madison Avenue

Memphis, TN 38163  USA



April 22, 2005



















Lane College Library

WETALC Library Report

Spring 2005



Lane College Library is pleased to report that all videotapes records have been in CASPR catalog system, all videotapes are now searchable through our online catalog.


All Negro Heritage Collection books have been cataloged in CASPR system, all our books on 2nd floor in the library are searchable through our online catalog.


The Library section of the Lane College new website has added the Virtual Library on it.  It can be viewed through the address by clicking the Library link on the home page.


The library encouraged more work study students to take some responsibilities to work at the circulation desk and at the technical services in the library.


Bloomberg representatives came to Lane College library to train librarians and staff members how to use the Bloomberg. Librarians also conducted library instructions to students in Business. Faculty in Business Department is very much interested in this database.


The media center in the library has been added 20 more laptops and two more computerized projectors. Faculty, staff members and students have been very pleased to have all these new media equipment for their classes.


Lane College library had African American art works displayed during February Black History Month. All these art works were produced by Lane College students.


















Luther L. Gobbel Library, Lambuth University

Reported to West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium

Spring 2005


            This has been a particularly busy semester at Lambuth.  Exits have increased by 15%, and cataloging has increased by 32%.  We are now three-quarters of the way through magnetically stripping the book collection, and we plan to strip videos and CDs this summer.  The government documents position has been filled by Paige Payne who is cataloging the collection.  Since her hire in December, she has already added over 1300 bibliographic records to the online catalog.

            All library staff have been actively involved in professional development activities, with all attending at least one day of conferences in April.  Pam Dennis presented a poster at ACRL in Minneapolis.  Her book, Lambuth University, published by Arcadia Publishing, is now in the black, and has netted nearly $1000 in library donations.

            All library faculty continue to teach in academic areas, including Freshman Seminar, Senior Seminar, Children’s Literature, Church Music, and Organ.  In addition to bibliographic instruction and one-on-one instruction of faculty and students, pathfinders and guides have been created for Model UN, speeches and research papers, literary criticism, genetics, Google and online databases, sports psychology, U.S. foreign policy, and proper citation and are available for students at the reference desk.  We hope to implement online tutorials this summer.

We regret the loss of Mitzi Brown as the Technical Services Librarian and System Administrator but congratulate her on her new position as Senior Project Manager at OCLC.  We hope to have a replacement in place this summer.

            Over 47,000 patrons have been served this year based on gate counts, a 15% increase over last year.  Continuous reference assistance has been provided, and Sammy has provided 25 bibliographic sessions to 373 students in addition to individual help.

            The library offers 15 databases available on and off campus through Tennessee Electronic Library and EBSCOhost, 11 fee-based databases available on campus, and 21 databases available in the library only.  New databases this semester include the American Council of Learned Societies’ History eBook Project, Oxford Reference, Oxford Scholarship Online (Religion), and EBSCO’s Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.  Over 40,000 eBooks have been incorporated into the regular collection and are accessible through the online catalog.  We continue to add Tables of Contents to all new books and have added the information retrospectively this semester to hundreds of books already in the collection.  The Technology Committee has approved the purchase of EZ-Proxy, and we hope to implement the proxy server by Fall.

            A new Toshiba black and white/color copier was added to the library this semester, allowing more features and faster service for the students.  A new computer has been added to the Reference Desk that has DVD reading capability, and all staff computers have been upgraded to XP Professional to match the library’s computer lab.  Approval has been received for the purchase of a new black and white printer and a color printer for the Circulation desk.

            There was a concerted effort to increase the visibility of the library in the community.  The library hosted a book review by Dr. David Gushee (Union University) and Dr. Manning Garrett; a book signing by Dr. Pam Dennis and Dr. Susan Kupisch; a book signing by Harbert Alexander; a book signing by alumnus Rev. Larry J. Daniel; a book review by Sammy Chapman; the Lyles Lecture speaker/poet Susan Kinsolving; a talk on westward expansion of Tennesseans by State Historian Walter T. Durham; a talk about Shiloh National Military Park by Ranger Dr. Timothy B. Smith; and a book talk and signing by Tennessee Poet Laureate Maggi Vaughn.  The library also participated in two film festivals, one of four films during Black History Month and one of six films on Jewish topics.  Bulletin boards and displays were created to highlight these and other events.  We are now participating in ALA’s Join the Major Leagues @ your library program.

            The library received over $14,000 in donations this year, including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (an $11,000 donation from Fred Wells and Proctor & Gamble) and hundreds of gift books.  We continue to provide resources for a community service reading program for grade school children sponsored by Quinco Counseling and our Financial Aid Office and house the Lambuth-B’Nai Israel Center for Jewish Studies.

            As always, our goal is to determine how we can best serve the needs of our faculty and students, and we hope to implement many new services in the near future.


Dr. Pam Dennis, Director
































                     Report to West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium

Spring 2005


The Library received $20,000 from Title III for book acquisitions. These funds were distributed in all divisions with emphasis areas being music and criminal justice.


Mrs. Alice Jo Doerner and Ms. Annette Hunt attended the Cataloging Council at the University of Memphis November 19, 2004. We also attended the OCLC Connexion Client training provided by SOLINET at the University of Memphis December 2-3, 2004.


On November 8, 2004 Annette Hunt hosted a meeting in the Hollis F. Price Library for the Memphis Civil Rights Consortium. 


On December 14, 2004 the library staff hosted a “Koffee Klutch” with the campus community to demonstrate online electronic resources and to show new acquisitions.


During the month of February 2005 the Library staff conducted a Black History Challenge. Prizes were awarded to three students. Along with the Library Committee we facilitated a weekly video marathon in February 2005.


On March 29, 2005 Annette Hunt took the online advanced searching training for Lexis-Nexis.


Mrs. Alice Jo Doerner, cataloger attended The American Library Association 2005 Midwinter Meeting held in Boston, MA, from January 14-19, 2005. The American Library Association is the oldest and largest library association in the world, with more than 64,000 members. This conference allows one to keep up-to-date about the highest quality library and information services and public access to information.

Ms. Annette Hunt and Mrs. Rita Mabry attended the TLA Annual Conference April 6-8 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee April 6-8, 2005. The purpose of the Tennessee Library Association is to "promote the establishment, maintenance, and support of adequate library services for all people of the state; to cooperate with public and private agencies with related interests; and to support and further professional interests of the membership of the Association."

Mrs. Linda Rousseau attended the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) biennial National Conference, "Currents and Convergence: Navigating the Rivers of Change" at the Minneapolis Convention Center, April 7 – 10, 2005. The core purpose of the Association of College & Research Libraries is to lead academic and research librarians and libraries in advancing learning and scholarship.


In celebration of National Library Week April 10-16, 2005 the library staff planned a book review, book sale and Amnesty Day. The Library Staff hosted a book review Friday, April 15, 2005 of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalist by Max Weber. It is a classic study of the fundamental relationships between religion and the economic and social life in modern culture. The book was reviewed by Dr. R. Meade Walker and discussion led by Professor Eddie Tate.


One international student is volunteering to work in Serial Management with Mrs. Marian Morrison.  Roxie Lewis, a LeMoyne-Owen College senior reviewed the historical role and perspective impressions of the College in the Archives. 


The Memphis Area Library Council (MALC) selected Annette Hunt, Director of Hollis F. Price Library  ‘2005 Librarian of the Year”.


The Library Staff is participating with the newly organized English Book Club with Ms. Linda Rousseau reading from the Left Behind series Monday, April 18, 2005.






























Freed-Hardeman University

Loden-Daniel Library

WeTALC Report

Spring 2005


Staff continues to work on our LC reclassification project.  Plans are to finish with everything including the rare and religious special collections by the end of the summer.


By adding one more JSTOR collection, we now have the entire collection.  We are very pleased by the enormous use it is getting.


We begin a new MBA program this fall and will be adding additional resources for the program this summer.


We are currently conducting research necessary for another project: the digitization of our archives.  We hope to begin the project next year.


Plans are still in place to build our new library within the next five years, that is, by 2010.





























               Paul Meek Library Highlights

                                                            Fall 2004






The Paul Meek Library recently completed the search process for our Instruction and Circulation Librarian.  Mr. Sam Richardson of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois reported for duty at the first of the new calendar year.  Documents Librarian Sandra Downing chaired a diverse search committee which reviewed over 40 applications for  the job prior to making the final interview recommendations. 




The university administration elected to provide the library with a 15% operating budget increase for the current fiscal year, money that was sorely needed to help us to expand our collection development efforts and to address cumulative inflation in the area of print periodicals and subscription databases.




The EZ Proxy off-campus patron authentication system was installed in the Paul Meek Library just prior to Summer Semester, 2004.  Our System Librarian reports that the number of trouble calls from patrons having problems accessing library databases has been reduced by over 90% between the Fall of 2003 and Fall of 2004.




Systems Librarian Jim Nance recently gave a major web presentation to the Northwest Tennessee School Librarians Association, who met at Davidson Titles in Jackson, Tennessee.  Nance discussed the registration procedure and subject content of the Tennessee Electronic Library.




Library Director Steve Rogers, Acquisitions Librarian Linda Butler, Systems Librarian Jim Nance, Collection Development Librarian Earlene Moore and Periodicals Librarian Pat Greer all recently contributed information for major library reports generated in support of the re-accreditation applications for the respective areas of Social Work, Educational Studies, Nursing, Engineering, Family and Consumer Science and Sports Medicine (in the Department of Health and Human Performance).







Media Services staff worked closely with Shannon Burgin from the Office of Information Technology Services and Steve Holt of the Instructional Technology Center to offer students a new Multimedia Workstation.  This new computer, located in the Media Services Department on the first floor of the Paul Meek Library, is a state-of-the-art machine featuring hardware and software allows students to create many different types of multimedia, including CD’s and DVD’s of student projects and creative portfolios. Media Technician Patrick Reavis regularly provides students and faculty with training   on the new system, and reports that the students have been heavily utilizing the new equipment.




During the summer of 2004, the library received its order for four free-standing stack ranges for the second floor circulating collection. Following installation of the stacks, one of the support staff members in the Circulation & Reserves Department coordinated a shift of the entire circulating book collection, a project which was completed in October. 




Library Media Technician Patrick Reavis worked with members of the Instructional Technology Center staff and Honors Program Director Dr. Bill Zachry to place recent Honors Program Academic Speakers on the campus video streaming server, which means that students can now view many campus lectures from their own computers. This new service will supplement the library’s collection of academic lectures on VHS and DVD.




The library is currently in the process of conducting a major survey of UTM students and faculty during the Spring Semester of 2005 using a controlled statistical sample method.  The survey is being coordinated by Special Collections Librarian Richard Saunders and Systems Librarian Jim Nance.



Elsevier’s Engineering Village II is the most comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering database in the world with 7.5 million index records referencing 5,000 engineering journals and conference materials dating from 1969.

BioOne includes a broad selection of full-text, peer-reviewed journals and bulletins published by AIBS member societies and represents a core resource for any college or university library supporting undergraduate or advanced studies in the biosciences.







Following a lengthy search during the late Fall and early Spring semesters, the library

hired Ms. Georgia Baskett of Columbia, Missouri and our new Head of Cataloging.   Ms. Baskett is most recently from Stephens College in Columbia, and we are confident that she will be able to successfully address a cataloging backlog of Special Collections and

Education LRC materials.  With this hire, the Paul Meek Library is once again at its full staff complement, though we are recommending the approval of one additional cataloging professional in Tech Services for the 05-06 fiscal year.




The Paul Meek Library has recently changed its Home Page. This was initiated              by UTM’s  ITS (Computer Center) administration, who suggested a campus-wide upgrade of university web pages so that they would conform to a more standardized template.  Other modifications to the library’s catalog and information pages will likely be in the offing during the coming months, but for now these will remain as before.  The students and faculty we have surveyed have expressed a great deal of satisfaction with our current “button” system for the library’s OPAC catalog.





























Jackson State has just sent in its Compliance Audit to SACS.  The off-site committee is looking it now.


Jackson State is working on its Quality Enhancement Plan for SACS.  The topic is writing.  Scott Cohen is on the QEP committee.  The on-site SACS committee will examine the plan in October.




Scott Cohen has served on the Technology Access Fee Committee this semester.  Each student pays a fee which goes toward paying for computers, software and other technological resources for students.




Jill Daniel has been hired as Senior Library Circulation Assistant.  Jill formerly worked as the Library Public Service Assistant.  Jill works with all aspects of Circulation and is responsible for Interlibrary Loan .  Jill recently did a display for National Library week.


Veronica Jones is the new Library Public Services Assistant.  Veronica works with students and is in charge of the JSCC Library Periodicals collection




A Teamwork workshop was held during Spring Break at the JSCC Library.  Wayne Maddox , from the Employee Assistance Program, provided this free seminar.  Maddox talked about the fundamentals of teambuilding and how each employee exhibited a certain behavioral style (Collaboration, Clarifying, Creating and Conducting) 




Debbie Mayer, Senior Cataloging Assistant has finished classifying the JSCC Library video collection.  This major project, involving over 1000 videotapes and DVDs, will allow students to have subject access to the video collection.




Mary Ellen Pozzebon, Reference and Instruction Librarian has devised detailed information literacy tutorials for several classes, including Learning Strategies, Orientation to College, Fundamentals of Nursing, Radiography and Physical Therapy Assistant.







Mary Ellen Pozzebon, Reference and Instruction Librarian , has worked with a Jackson State graphic arts student to develop a JSCC Library brochure.




Mary Ellen Pozzebon will do a poster session on “Solutions for Improving Access to Periodicals” at  the MERLOT International Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, July 25 - 28, 2005, hosted by the Tennessee Board of Regents. This year's selection process was very competitive with less than 45% of the proposals being accepted.


Merlot stands for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching




Mary Ellen Pozzebon, Reference and Instruction Librarian, has been working to implement Agent, a federated search software product, from Autographics.  Once implemented, the software will allow searching along multiple databases and the online catalog at the same time, much like a Meta Search Engine.




Mary Ellen has developed a Faculty newsletter called the DATA FIELD which is issued quarterly. The newsletter includes news about library services and resources.




Gloria Hester, Acquisitions and Circulation Librarian, has been working to order materials in a world of diminished budgets.  She works closely with vendors and attempts to purchase notable materials at reduced rates.




Gloria Hester  has completed 2 years of serving on the Faculty Council.  JSCC Librarians have faculty status.  Scott Cohen will serve on the Faculty Council for the next two years.





Barbara Casey, Library Technical Services Assistant, has developed an expertise in book repair and will do a Tennshare workshop in Memphis in June to show librarians how to do basic book repair.







A Faculty Focus group was held on April 19 in the JSCC Library.  It was designed to elicit detailed comments on Library resources and services.  It is also hoped that the faculty will provide the comments about what the Library should do in the future.  A faculty member moderated the focus group and Joyce Johnston, Catalog/Reference Librarian took notes.




Joyce Johnson , Catalog/Reference Librarian  is working to organize a  collection of college historical materials.  The Library has a special room in which to house the resources.