WeTALC Spring meeting April 20, 2002, Christian Brothers University

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Minutes of the fall meeting were approved.

Scott Cohen welcomed Darlene Brooks from Rhodes. The board voted to include Rhodes as a member of the consortium upon the approval of the library director.

Tom Medina suggested that the group needed to come up with some projects to bring the mission of the consortium to fruition. He appointed a committee of Steve Baker, Scott Cohen, Sylverna Ford, and Margaret Cardwell. They were charged with the reviewing the constitution, looking at other state consortia and suggesting a direction or project for this consortium.

Steve Baker reported that Union is part of the Tennessee Independent College and Universities Assn. He will chair a group of librarians from other schools participating in this group. At the fall meeting he will have a report of that meeting.

Scott made a motion that the Jackson Public Library be allowed to join the consortium. Discussion followed concerning whether the consortium continue as strictly an academic group. Memphis Public was denied membership in the past. The discussion was tabled for the next meeting.

Suggestion was made that the President be the consortium's legislative liaison.

Pam Dennis was elected Chair of the Board. Margaret Cardwell will continue as secretary.



Janell Rudolph, Benjamin Head, and John Jaeger presented a program dealing with information literacy and instruction.


Library reports:

LeMoyne-Owen College

Alice Jo Doerner attended ALA midwinter in New Orleans. NCATE accreditation team visited March 8-13, 2002 for the purpose of determining the status of the education program. The addition of LOC holdings to the Univ. of Memphis catalog was completed in March. Rita Mabry attended archival training in Atlanta in April. Also in April the library celebrated National Library week with a book sale and amnesty day.


Lambuth University

All library staff have been able to attend professional development workshops and meetings during the year. The library staff received a 93.2% approval rating on friendliness and helpfulness in a recent university survey. Sammy Chapman taught classes to more than 50 % of the student body this year.

The library received more than $6,000. in gifts this year. A CD collection is being added with the bibliographic records being enhanced to improve searchability. A new library web site was developed and brought up. Pam Dennis and Mitzi Brown will travel to Endeavor's user group meeting to do a presentation on the small library use of Voyager.

Jackson State Community College

The library currently has open two professional positions: catalog librarian and reference librarian. Jennifer Gregory and Marv Kaminsky moved out of state to new positions. The search is being delayed because of state budget constraints. Susan Banks is filling in as reference librarian in a temporary position. Scott Cohen served as Ref. Librarian this semester for the 5000 students taking classes through the Regents Online Degree Program. The college is organizing the historical room under the direction of Laura Norris. JSCC won a subscription to Ebrary at ALA midwinter that includes $1000.00 worth of printing. At this time it appears that the printing costs will not go very far.


Union University

The program for education of school media librarians is going well. The librarians taught 6 classes this past semester. The library is undergoing renovation to add 60 additional seats, and an instruction lab with 9 workstations and 18 seats. The college is reviewing their core curriculum.

University of Tennessee at Memphis

They have new digital equipment. The Access Services position is open.


They have hired an additional librarian, Wade Osburn. They are working with faculty to incorporate BI into classes. They have the support of their Dean. The web site has been reworked. They did a chapel program for National Library Week using a theme of librarians in movies. They published a newsletter and have added the second collection of netLibrary.

University of Memphis

Their new collection development librarian is working on reworking their policies. They hope to work more closely with the faculty. They've renovated the instruction classroom. They have 3 vacant positions. The U of M president's investiture took place in the library at her request. She is very supportive of the library. They received a gift of $300,000. for an endowment from the president.



The library staff is working with the computer center and the architects on the design of their new library. They will break ground this summer. Two new librarians have joined the staff: Kenan Padgett as Interlibrary Loans Librarian and Rachel Feinman collection development/cataloging.


The fall meeting will be held in Dyersburg, preferably in late October or early November.

Margaret Cardwell


Those in attendance:

Christian Brothers University

Margaret Cardwell

Laura Simpson

Benjamin Head

University of Memphis

Tom Mendina

Janell Rudolph

Sylverna Ford

LeMoyne- Owen College

Annette Hunt

Jackson State Community College

Scott Cohen

Union University

Steve Baker

John Jaeger

Lambuth University

Pam Dennis

Lyda Kowalski

Sammy Chapman

Freed-Hardeman University

Teresa Hanger

University of Tennessee at Memphis

Priscilla Stephenson

Rhodes College - visiting

Darlene Brooks

Bill Short