NOVEMBER 1, 1997

The meeting was held at the Lambuth University Library. Present were:

BETHEL: Harold Kelly, Linda Kelly, Dee Dee Lollar


FREED-HARDEMAN: Gail Nash, Jan Sharp, Hope Shull, Sherry Jennette

JACKSON STATE: Tiffany Anderson, Merry Bortz, Scott Cohen, Linda Hale

LAMBUTH: Jim Fowler, Mary Roby

LANE: Darlene Brooks, Donna Hamlett, Margaret Kimmins, Latrice Jones, Yalunda Yarbrorough

UNION: Steve Baker, Pam Dennis, Pat Morris, Cam Tracy


UTM: Linda Butler, Hank Emmans, Earlene Moore, Steve Rogers , Joel Stowers

After brunch , the various institutions described what was going on in their libraries:


Bethel is undergoing a SACS evaluation.

The Bethel "Success Program" is working well. This 16-18 month program is for adults who have had some college experience. These adults get degrees in Organizational Management. Students have to do a research project to complete the program. There are off-site places in Lexington, Milan and Medina. The Library plays a great part in the program.


Anne Reever announced that a new Dean of Learning Resources, Robert Lhota, will arrive on December 1.

DSCC may get a new library; they are number eleven on the TBR construction plan.

The Tipton County LRC will open in Spring, 1998.

Anne announced that DSCC will automate their library through the DRA system and the University of Memphis.


Freed-Hardeman is evaluating every aspect of its library.

They are still working on retrospective conversion and are 75% complete.

Mitzi Brown is the new Reference and Periodicals Librarian.

10 computers will be arriving soon for Internet searching in the library. Freed-Hardeman may be going with EBSCOHOST 1000 with unlimited access on campus.

Freed-Hardeman library has had workshops for faculty to show them good web sites. The library wants to have a CD-station with a jukebox or tower for which they are writing a grant.

Hope Shull made a recommendation that a list be compiled of the electronic databases held by each WETALC library.


Lambuth is in the midst of a self-study.

The new President is Ellis Arnold.


Lane College now has a new library. The new building is very beautiful and everything is working smoothly. There are ten Internet computers in the library. There is a problem with students using chat rooms on the Internet.

There is now a five cents per page charge for printing from the Internet. They ask for paper and pay for the paper. The paper is put in the printer.

A search is being done for a Head Librarian and an Associate Librarian. Automation is planned for the future


Union has rearranged every book and every piece of furniture according to Steve Baker. There is definitely a new look to the library.

A new OPAC from Endeavor Information Systems (Voyager) is now in place. Union is the first institution in Tennessee to have it.

Union rented space in Mid-America Seminary in Germantown. They have a nursing program there and the library rents space in the Seminary Library.


Enrollment went up at UMEM and the library was given $250,000.00 for books.

University of Memphis held its Symposium on "Ethics of Electronic Information in the 21st Century". This 3 day symposium had 6 nations represented. They are looking for someone to endow the symposium next year. The proceedings from the Symposium will be published by Purdue University and is available on a web site.

Tom Mendina announced an increase in the amount of money given to the libraries at DSCC and JSCC. (from $2500 to $5000) This money goes to purchase materials for graduate students taking classes at these institutions.

Tom announced that the Memphis Civil Rights Consortium has been created. Lemoyne-Owen, Shelby State, the National Civil Rights Museum and the University of Memphis make up the consortium. They will be using grants to purchase materials and the goal is to share the materials with others on a web site.


Increased enrollment at UTM means that the library will get an increase in its budget for next year.

There has been an overall increase in ACT scores for incoming freshmen at UTM.

The off-campus center in Selmer will be opening soon. The Library Resource Center will be built at the center. Electronic access to UTM materials will be provided.

The technology fee at UTM has been increased and has resulted in the computer lab at UTM being upgraded. A 24 hour help desk at the computer lab is available to the whole campus. A special monitor and software are there.

Joel Stowers announced that UTM is providing UMI's ABI/Inform for UTM MBA students at Lambuth University.

Joel then discussed the Periodical Evaluation project at UTM.

In order to determine which periodicals to drop, three different methods were employed:

During 6-8 weeks of heaviest use during Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters, bound periodicals, microfiche and unbound periodicals were counted before they were shelved.

Faculty were given a survey in which they were asked such questions as: "What periodicals do you need? Which of these are for research and which are for teaching?" Titles of all periodicals were mounted on a web page by subject for faculty to look at.

They were also asked which periodicals they would accept in document delivery instead of print. Some faculty listed periodicals to which the library didn't subscribe. UTM librarians looked at periodical indexes to see if these periodicals were indexed there.

The UTM library promised faculty that any article from journals which were dropped would be requested free of charge from document delivery sources.

Periodicals are being classified at UTM and will remain in periodials area shelved by classification.

After Joel's presentation, Scott Cohen asked the group to consider that journals on full-text might no longer be available on interlibrary loan if the paper copies were dropped. A suggestion was made that Scott make up a list of titles to which only one library subscribes and those to which only two library subscribe, so that perhaps print copies of those periodicals might not be dropped.

Steve Rogers announced that UTM has bought 20 Gateway computer Data Video projectors which combine video and computers The projectors are on carts. Since the technology is now $55 per semester they were able to get these carts.


Jackson State has a new Gateway computer with a 31" monitor for projection mounted on a cart in the Reference area to provide library instruction. The computer is networked and can provide access to all the electronic resources in the library as well as Power Point presentations.

The JSCC Library is using its large display cases to feature exhibits about the campus. During the Fall, the Division of Engineering Technology used the cases to show what programs that their division offers.

The JSCC Savannah Center will open in the Spring of 1998. The library will share a Learning Resource Center with the Academic Assistance Center. Access will be provided to EBSCOHOST, the OPAC and to the Internet. There will be a small book collection.

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