NOVEMBER 1, 1997

The Board of Directors met at Lambuth University .

Joel Stowers presided.

Present were: Steve Baker, Scott Cohen, Jim Fowler, Harold Kelly, Tom Mendina, Anne Reever and Joel Stowers.

Minutes from the April 19, 1997 meeting were approved.

The Interlibrary Use Policy was discussed. Jim Fowler asked whether it applied to faculty. The group decided that it did apply.

A question arose as to whether Union still charges fees for people to come in from the community. Steve Baker reinforced the fact that Union no longer charges fees.

Scott Cohen will continue as Secretary since Sue Szostack, who was elected Secretary, has left the area.

Anne Reever announced that the new Dean of the Learning Resources Center, Robert Lhota, is coming from Chicago and will take charge on December 1. He has a degree in religion and has worked in several two year schools. He has a business background too.

The Spring, 1998 meeting will be held at Union University.

Scott Cohen passed out copies of the West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium Directory.

It was announced that Darlene Brooks will be leaving Lane College and moving to Morristown.

Merry Bortz, Cataloging Librarian at Jackson State Community College, has volunteered to create a home page for the West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium.

Questions were brought up about evaluating the Consortium for SACS purposes. Steve Baker suggested that we incorporate evaluations of the Consortium in our own internal surveys that we administer. Scott Cohen suggested that we use the Consortium evaluation forms that were developed several years ago by the group. Nothing was decided.

Steve Baker suggested that we compile data for the entire consortium about our individual libraries and create a database. Perhaps we could compile the IPEDS data for each school and create a database of those statistics.

A suggestion was made to expand the membership of the group to include other institutions in Memphis. It was decided that Tom Mendina would talk to various librarians in Memphis and if there was interest that Joel Stowers would send out a letter inviting them to join the Consortium.

Joel passed out UTM handouts given to off-campus studnets about their library services. Joel stated that teachers at off-campus locations don't often require library work.

Anne Reever talked about off-campus services at Dyersburg State. There are request forms at the public libraries in Trenton and Covington now for her students to ask for materials. Five books can be requested. Photocopies are free until students reach a five dollar limit.

UTM will offer courses in Selmer at a new center. The library there will primarily involve electronic delivery of materials. Union will offer Nursing degree in Germantown. JSCC will open a center in Savannah and offer library services.

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