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Tim Britt

 Associate Professor of Mathematics

Office Location: Classroom Buiding, Room C-131
Office Contact Info:
Phone: (731) 424-3520 x291

Division: Arts and Sciences
Department: Mathematics

Hello, I'm Tim Britt.  I teach Mathematics at Jackson State Community College where I have been teaching since 1998.

I began my college education at Union University where I earned my BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1982.  I worked as a Computer Programmer, Senior Programmer, Programming Supervisor and Systems and Operations Manager at the Milan Arsenal for 16 years.  During this time I worked on my Master's degree.   I earned my MS degree in Mathematics from the University of Memphis in 1996.  I am a member of AMATYC, TMATYC and MENSA.

Course Syllabi for courses I am teaching Fall 2011: (coming soon)
MATH 1720 - Trigonometry
     Instructor Syllabus
     Departmental Syllabus

MATH 1910 - Calculus I
     Instructor Syllabus
     Departmental Syllabus

MATH 1920 - Calculus II
     Instructor Syllabus
     Departmental Syllabus

MATH 2110 - Calculus III
      Instructor Syllabus
     Departmental Syllabus

MATH 1530 - Statistics and Probability (online)
     See eLearn

Office Hours: