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English 1010 Syllabus

ENGL 1010

English Composition One


Instructor: Powell Franklin, Associate Professor of English Office: L-106, Lexington Campus

Phone: 1-800-355-JSCC, ext. 447 (voicemail) or (731) 968-JSCC email:

Course Description

The development of writing skills applied to different purposes with emphasis on logic, organization, levels of usage, information gathering, and audience awareness. Familiarity with basic essay form and outlining techniques is assumed. Prerequisite: satisfactory scores on placement tests or completion of DSPW 0800, Developmental Writing. 3 credit hours.

Textbooks & Materials

You should come to each class prepared with dark blue or black ink pens; paper; a notebook or file folder; a 3.5" disc, CD-R, flash or jump drive, or other data storage media; and the following textbooks:


Course Objectives

To successfully complete this course, you MUST master the following objectives:

Course Requirements


Course Policies