October 19, 2001

The meeting was held in the ABC Conference room in the Genesco Building in Nashville, 9:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m.

Presiding: Peter Nerzak, Pellissippi State Technical Community College

Attendees: (18) Yildiz Binkley, Tennessee State University; Kathy Breeden, Columbia State Community College; Becky Brunton, Roane State Community College; Rosa Burnett, Southwest Tennessee Community College; Scott Cohen, Jackson State Community College; Don Craig, Middle Tennessee State University; Doug Cross, Walters State Community College; Sylverna Ford, University of Memphis; Vicky Leather, Chattanooga State Technical Community College; Robert Lhota, Dyersburg State Community College; Mary Evelyn Lynn, Cleveland State Community College; Duncan Parsons, Northeast State Technical Community College; Biddanda (Suresh) Ponnappa, East Tennessee State University Medical School; Mike Rothacker, Volunteer State Community College; Rita Scher, East Tennessee State University; Sue Crites Szostak, Motlow State Community College; Winston Walden, Tennessee Technological University.

Peter Nerzak invited attendees to briefly describe news from their respective campuses. Various personnel changes were detailed as were a number of physical problems.

The minutes of the March 23, 2001 meeting were approved as distributed.

Rita Scher presented an update on the depreciation schedule for library holdings. The Business Officers Subcouncil is recommending a ten-year depreciation schedule. Discussion followed and Rita Scher will try to find out the answer to the following question: How is the valuation of a library collection determined in terms of a disaster?

Instead of speaking on proposed changes in the TBR Library Deans and Directors Archive, Winston Walden brought up issues regarding TALC. He reminded the group of the need for a TALC election. Winston Walden, Yildiz Binkley, Becky Brunton and Rosa Burnett were re-elected as board members from TBR to TALC unanimously. The idea of extending borrowing privileges to students at private colleges may be considered at the joint spring meeting with the UT Library Deans and Directors.

Discussion of the classification of library staff followed. Since 90% of the job description for Library Clerk is the same as Library Assistant 1 and this is also true for LA 2 and LA 3, should the job descriptions be changed to show more distinctions? Since the highest percentage of staff at community colleges (Skill Level 5) is different from that at the universities (Skill Level 4) should there be different job descriptions for the two kinds of libraries? The members agreed to a special called meeting to be held in January where interested members could discuss the issue further.

Winston Walden presented an updated TBR Library Automation Report. Peter Nerzak spoke about new developments with the RODP Library where students will be able to have access to databases from other than their home institutions. The report was approved as amended and will be placed on the web and sent onto Ellen Weed (TBR Liaison). While on the subject of the RODP, Sylverna Ford distributed a memo she had written about library issues. The group applauded her.

Scott Cohen brought up the TBR’s work for the legislature on cooperation. Potentially, TBR libraries could cooperate on inventory procedures, performance evaluations, gift policies and business decisions. Training was also mentioned especially Solinet training and the College of DuPage’s teleconferences. An email committee consisting of Peter Nerzak, Suresh Ponnappa, Sue Szostak, Becky Brunton, Yildiz Binkley and Scott Cohen was formed to establish what we could do together.

Sue Szostak presented a "Databases Subscribed To" Spreadsheet. Members were asked to provide her with current information as to Cost basis (FTE or simultaneous users), Platform and Vendor (Tennshare or Solinet)

Vicky Leather gave an update on ADA compatible databases; pointing out that Galenet databases were not ADA compliant for users with visual disabilities. She stressed that library webpages also need to be ADA compliant. There was also discussion about users with hearing disabilities; that libraries should investigate TTY technology for incoming calls.

Scott Cohen, Yildiz Binkley and Peter Nerzak reported on the state of the RODP Library and the TBR Virtual Library. Highlights: ILL is in place, tutorials are ready and will soon be uploaded, students can get access to databases not held by their "home" school, Tennshare is creating a virtual library and the TBR Virtual Library will be part of it. There was consensus that the TBR Virtual Library would not fully succeed without funding. Finally, it was decided to keep the three task forces "alive."

Becky Brunton was elected Chair-to-be unanimously.

In new business, problems with the TNII were discussed. We decided to encourage our campus network people to keep documenting problems, in the hopes of getting better services. The university deans and directors reported on the Business Deans’ requests to subscribe to Compustat and CRSP.