TBR Deans and Directors meeting

November 2- November 3, 2006


November 2, 1 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  CST

November 3, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CST








Meeting was called to order by Dr. Sylverna Ford, Chair, Dean of Libraries University of Memphis


Our guests: John Stacy, Bibliographic Services Coordinator State Library; David Atkins, InfoToGo UTK Hodges Library; and Lynn Shrewsbury, Autographics were introduced.  Mr. Stacy coordinated as they updated the group on the status of the TEL II progress and projects

 http://www.tenn-share.org/downloads/fall06/TEL%20Phase%20II%20On-Step%20Report%20Sept%2006.doc. )

Ms. Shrewsbury demonstrated the Autographics Agent product. The status of Volunteer Voices and the TEL RFP was reviewed


Deborah Fetch reminded the group of the importance of the TBR composite database data spreadsheet  which she will continue to host at Austin Peay. Appreciation was noted of the efforts by Aaron W. Dobbs, Network Services Librarian, Austin Peay, who has worked on the project since start-up.


Peter Nerzak as liaison to the RODP curricular committee reviewed RODP updates and items of importance as follows


          Peter also reviewed the status of two RODP database purchases.  An RFP for PsycArticles (university use) supporting the Psychology curriculum is in progress.  Classical Music Library has been renewed for all campuses.  The importance of system wide support for continuing access to all Netlibrary collections was noted as Collection 6 is being released and mention  made of the reopening  access to Netlibrary 5 for retro-purchasing.  Dr. Robbie Kendall- Melton, Associate Vice-Chair, TBR, has continued in her support of librarian/faculty interaction in promoting the effectiveness of RODP information literacy outcomes and learning.  The group was asked for suggestions for the TBR/RODP Librarians summer conference.  The continued perception of the usefulness of a TBR Union Catalog was noted and the OpenWorldCat project again mentioned.


          In conjunction with TENN-SHARE, State of Tennessee and TBR/RODP Resource sharing efforts, the discussion again moved to the groups’ efforts to obtain Open WorldCat inclusion for the TBR holdings.  Limitations to state funds at all levels and the inability of OCLC to provide cost estimates which would encourage composite purchasing by both TBR and UT systems while allowing smaller institutions to provide Open WorldCat access to the holdings information which has been purchased by individual institutions has made the project not feasible at any level. Efforts by Rita Scher, Dean of Libraries at East Tennessee State University and Deborah Fetch, Director of library Services, Austin Peay were noted.  It was requested that the concerns be conveyed to the OCLC Users Council via member Dr. Barbara Dewey, Dean UTK libraries.


Peter Nerzak reported on the Desire2Learn Transition Team meeting held October 24, 2006 (See attached report.) After discussion regarding the many aspects of this state wide project two recommendations were made to the group.

          1. Course Implementation Team:  include librarians in course design training activities. Include librarians in learning to use D2l to design courses, tutorials, and faculty/librarian collaboration opportunities.

          2.  Student Services Team:  include librarians in working with D2L staff to determine how best to link resources with course implementations, how best to leverage proxy connectivity and library and tutorial and live assistance within D2l offerings.



The meeting was recessed to be reconvened at 9 a.m. on November 3.  Motion by Robert Benson was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the Spring 2006 meeting. 


The renewal of the Safari eBook collection was discussed.  Peter noted that no additional institutions joined the group lease.  A subcommittee was established to administer the collection including the responsibility of the annual assessment of use, selection process, notifications and software upgrades.  The committee members are:  Kay Cunningham, University of Memphis, Debbie O’Brien, East Tennessee State, and Rosy Milburn, Chattanooga State. That process is usually completed in January or February.



The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) was discussed in terms of ramifications for TBR Libraries.  After the TBR President’s Council meeting on Aug 15, 2006, it was recommended that the Chancellor appoint a state [TBR] CALEA committee.  Tom Danford was named chair.  Our council recommended that a Library representative serve on the committee. Motion was made and passed that Sylverna Ford will contact Dr. Houston Davis, our TBR liaison, to follow up.


The feasibility of including the state independent college deans and directors in a state wide joint UT/TBR meeting was discussed.  It was felt by several that the interaction between the composite would be beneficial for state resource sharing efforts and would generally aid in building networking relationships


Note was made of the benefits to the development of local services when state and independents would work together.  Suggested specific efforts include an extension of TALC card opportunities with the independents.  Suggested meeting times considered were in conjunction with CULS or as a sub meeting with TENN-SHARE. It was noted that staff attendance at TENN-SHARE and TLA would impact the ability of all directors to attend any meeting held in conjunction with those events.   Nashville Public Library was noted as being a good central meeting location.  The final suggestion was made that the composite groups meet as a round table group of TLA on Thursday afternoon.  We would need to petition the conference for space.  Bill Black will take the petition to the conference committee.  A motion was made to that effect with the added caveat that this meeting be in lieu of the spring meeting. The vote was 4 for the motion and 7 opposed.  A second motion was made that the meeting in the spring continue with the current format and that the independent colleges be asked to join us for that UT/TBR meeting.  The vote was unanimous with one abstention.  Sylverna will send a note to the chair of the independent college group inviting them join us for the Spring meeting. 


The discussion regarding impact of the Cornell/publisher copyright case was postponed until the Spring meeting.


          The Chair opened the floor for nominations for the position of Vice Chair/Chair Elect. Dr. Winston Walden, Director of the Library, Tennessee Tech and Dr. Yildiz Binkley, Library Director, Tennessee State were placed in nomination.  An electronic vote will held before the end of the month.


Announcements were made regarding:


Tentative meeting dates of March 28 and 29 were proposed for the Spring 2007


The meeting concluded with a Round Robin update from each institutional representative.


Meeting was adjoined at 12:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted



Mary Evelyn Lynn,

Vice Chair/Chair Elect


Members present:  Mary Evelyn Lynn, CLSCC; Rosa Burnett, Southwest; Robert Benson, Roane State; Bill Black (for Don Craig), MTSU; Yildiz Binkley, TSU; Sue Szostak, MSCC; Doug Cross, WSCC; Louise Kelly, VSCC; Faye Jones, NSCC; Rita Scher, ETSU, Suresh Ponnappa, ETSU-Medical; Vicky Leather, CSTCC; Peter Nerzak, PSTCC; Deborah Fetch, APSU; Sylverna Ford, U of Memphis.