TBR Library Deans & Directors

Fall Meeting, November 14, 2003

Location - TBR Headquarters


The following notes constitute the record of the proceedings of the fall meeting of the TBR Library Deans and Directors.


  1. Budget Issues
  2. Dr. Bob Adams joined the group for the discussion of budget matters.

    The Governor has asked for an additional 5% budget reduction for 2004-05.

    One scenario: pro-rate the percentage by institutions budget and the

    percentage of tuition in that budget (total tuition as a percentage of that budget.)

    Universities > 5% cut; Community Colleges < 5% cut; Tech Centers << 5% cut.

    THEC meets next Thursday and will propose how they think the reduction should happen. On February 1, 2004, the Governor will present a budget.

    TBR is advocating aggressively for capital projects. The list is growing and we have not had funding for any capital projects in 3 years. We’re pleading to have an infusion of bond money for capital projects that will stimulate economic development.

    The TBR budget hearing with the Governor will be aired over the Internet on November 24 at 10:00 a.m. CST, 11:00 a.m. EST.

  3. Elections
  4. According to the bylaws, elections will be held at the fall meeting and the president will

    take office on January 1, 2004. We elected Louise Kelley as chairperson for 2005.

    Deborah Fetch will be chairperson for 2004.

  5. Serials Solutions and NetLibrary
  6. SOLINET contracts – Duncan Parsons’ campus, NESTCC, has to do 3 contracts for

    Serials Solutions and NetLibrary Collection. Tim Cherubini of SOLINET expressed

    problems with licensing NetLibrary. VSCC is having similar problems as NESTCC with

    the NetLibrary contract. Many libraries have licensed Serials Solutions. Now that

    SOLINET is involved, licensing Serials Solutions may be a problem. There was a lot of

    discussion about licensing problems with SOLINET products, especially "third-party"

    products. Deborah Fetch will invite Tim to attend the spring meeting if this is still a


  7. Wilson Retrospective Collection
  8. Sue Szostak asked if anyone was interested in the Wilson Retrospective Collection, (RG 1882-1982 with abstracts). There is a one-time fee of $9,000 for one simultaneous user. Everyone is interested in sharing one simultaneous user. Sue will pursue this and report back.

  9. Donation
  10. Peter Nerzak, Yildiz Binkley, and Faye Jones volunteered to serve as a subcommittee to recommend how to use the $10,000 that Robbie Kendall-Melton says is available for TBR Library Directors to support RODP classes. Sue Szostak asked if the committee would look at NetLibrary Reference Collection as a possibility for the RODP money.

  11. RODP Faculty Survey
  12. Peter Nerzak gave a review of the responses to the RODP Faculty Survey that was conducted during Summer 2003.

  13. TALC Cards
  14. Faye Jones said she got 4 responses on her question about what we were doing on accepting TALC cards. Winston Walden moved to do away with old policy and accept the TALC cards. Peter Nerzak seconded. The motion carried.

  15. Gale E-books
  16. Rita Scher demonstrated NetLibrary’s Gale E-books in the reference collection.

  17. Virtual Library Services
  18. Peter Nerzak reviewed the TBR RODP Virtual Library Services and requested that we vote by email on the changes. Peter will email a copy and give us the deadline for voting.

  20. Peter Nerzak will send us his TEACH ACT policy when it has been finalized at PSTCC.

  21. Safari
  22. Peter Nerzak asked everyone interested in getting Safari to let him know.

  23. ScienceDirect
  24. Suresh Ponnappa gave an update on ScienceDirect: There are possibilities of a contract

    of differing lengths: 1-year, 3-year, 5-year. A 5-year contract would be a wise choice

    because there is a 6.5% cap on the journal price for the next 5 years. Negotiations have

    been very intense and difficult because this is a very costly service.

  25. Disposing of Gift Books
  26. Library directors have various creative ways of disposing of gift books. Several work with their foundations so that donated books are actually donated to the foundation. ETSU, VSCC, sell donated books that are given to the library but are not added to the collection.

  27. Database Utilization
  28. Doug Cross tried to measure database utilization at WSCC. He got statistics from EZ Proxy report generator and from the database companies. The data for the last 2 years follows:

    EZ Proxy 8307 2002

    EZ Proxy 12848 2003

  29. Gale Reference Library
  30. Peter Nerzak demonstrated the Gale Reference Library.


  31. Statistics Compilation
  32. Deborah Fetch discussed statistics she agreed to compile on FTE/Materials/E&G. She hopes to create and use a web form to gather this information and put it in a database.

  33. Corrections
  34. Vicky Leather distributed a spreadsheet of databases held by community colleges and asked those library directors to send her corrections.

  35. Current Initiatives

Library directors shared information about current initiatives.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m. CST.



These minutes come to you as a collaborative effort between Vicky Leather (recorder) and Sylverna Ford ( responsible for typing).