TBR Deans   & Directors meeting

Spring 2007

Thursday, April 26 2007

 8:30a.m. – 1 p.m. Central time







Meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Vicki Leather, acting for Mary Evelyn Lynn.  Approval of the Fall 2006 minutes was dispensed until the Fall 2007 meeting since minutes were not available due to the unplanned absence of Mary Evelyn Lynn.


The first agenda item was review of state purchasing and contract projects.  The AGENT Autographics database contract is due for extension and renewal.  The original contract covered community colleges only.  Discussion followed regarding interest in renewal with continued payment by RODP.  Winston Walden requested a cost estimate for the universities.  This will require renegotiation of the contract.  Vicki Leather requested more training on the portal and its use.  Peter Nerzak suggested contacting Agent for follow-up.  The decision was made by the group for the community colleges to continue their contracts with Peter completing the negotiations and the universities which are interested in participating were asked to contact Peter for inclusion.  Continuing the review of current state library purchases/contracts, it was noted that H.W. Wilson and Ebsco contracts are up for renegotiation.  There is also an in process, statewide RFP for a general academic database.  The ROCC CINAHL contract may need an RFP or sole source handling in the renewal of that contract.


Suresh Ponnappa reviewed the currently available TENN-SHARE offers, including the Scopus Database (Elsevier) for universities.  After noting availability of  a trial and an offer to pursue jointly with UT, the lack of interest by TBR universities as a group resulted in the offer not being pursued at the TBR level.  Another trial offered Blackwell Publishing periodicals to community colleges


As a consequence of the pricing received in the TBR contract for the universities’ access to PSYCArticles, the community colleges which subscribe to PSYCArticles will request a consortia quote from Proquest, which Peter will coordinate.  Please contact Pat Price at Proquest if your institution is interested in inclusion for that consortia quote.


The decision was made not to pursue consortia interest in Proquest historical newspaper content at this time.


The group was reminded that the Netlibrary VI collection is critical across the state for support of the ROCC Virtual Library and that institutional orders need to be placed with Solinet.

Note was also made the TBR Library Databases Data Compilation as maintained by Denise Hemingway at Austin Peay is an important tool in reviewing purchasing arrangement across the system. 


Guests Gary Storts and Donna Ashford from ROCC shared an update on the implementation of D2L including an overview of the RODP D2L template.  Deans and directors were encouraged to contact their campus D2L coordinator in order to include a  librarian’s role in the D2L course templates.  There was consensus for support of SCORE and that librarians at TBR schools want to be directly involved.  Note was made of the importance of skills which librarians have as metadata catalogers as the TBR Learning Object Repository (LOR) is developed  .The group will work with Gary Storts for development of policies and movement of the process up through the repository. The goals and implementation of the TBR LOR were then reviewed.  http://elearn.tbronline.org


Peter Nerzak then reviewed the current status of ROCC Information resources projects.  The draft of the updated Student & Faculty Library Surveys are available for review           http://www.collegeofbusiness.info/rodp/vl/Default.htmThe new Virtual Library home page was demonstrated.  Many of the modifications were made in response to students’ comments after using the page. There will be continuous assessment and improvement in the page design as new tools and technology are utilized.  One possibility is the  pathfinder format.  Peter showed an excellent example of a resource page from ?????? which he will share as a template.


There are new questions regarding the access of RODP students into institutionally licensed databases.  University of Memphis contract officers determined that RODP students who are not University of Memphis students may not have the right to access databases licensed solely by Memphis. Follow-up review needs to check how many students are impacted by this.  Peter and Sylverna will bring additional information back to the Council. The affected students will be enrolled in courses not taught by their home school faculty and also  any students needing access to an instructor’s home school resources.  The necessity for an RODP administrative policy may exist.


Next on the agenda was a review of the RODP Library Polices and Procedures revised by Peter Nerzak.  Suggested amendments and edits were offered by Winston Walden and Robert Benson. Rita Scher moved to delete the 30 mile radius mailing requirements.  Sue seconded that motion,  which was then passed unanimously.  As revised students not living near a UT or TBR institution may request materials from the RODP student’s home school, editing section 6.1 and deleting section 6.2.  Final copy appended to minutes.  Discussion continued as suggestions were made that future modification of the documents be conducted online and a motion made and approved to do so.


The need for documentation of RODP financial contributions in the provision of information resources for the TBR  institutional libraries was noted by Winston Walden. This information is necessary as a component of the institutional budgetary process and also as a portion of the Federal Center for Educational Statistics Academic Library Survey.  Peter will work to provide the necessary figures. 


The group was asked to provide a representative for the RODP Curriculum committee. Faye Jones was asked if she will agree to serve. She will respond to Mary Evelyn Lynn, and if unable to serve, Louise Kelly will stand as second.


Peter updated on efforts to include libraries in D2L and shared that there are “embedded librarians” in Pellissippi’s  Eng1020 D2L.  Mention was made of a TBR Library Task Force for Module Development   The site for the Learning Object Repository is in the D2L community site:  https://community.desire2learn.com/ . Note was made that when joining the community be sure to use your campus email address (D2L has set up the LOR search so that it works with Merlot).


A sharing of the campus status of Luminous implementation and the impact on TBR Libraries followed.  It was decided that the discussion regarding Luminous be held for summer retreat


The floor was opened for nominations to fill the office of Vice/Chair/Chair Elect for  2007.  Duncan Parsons was nominated and unanimously elected.


Acknowledgment was made of the professional career contributions to  both their campuses and the TBR Deans and Librarian Council by Bob Lhota, Dean of Learning Resources and Library Director at Dyersburg, and Deborah Fetch, Director of Library and Media Services, Austin Peay.


A motion was made by Sue Szostak and seconded by Vicky Leather to continue agenda items at the next retreat.


 Meeting was adjourned at 1 p.m.  


Respectfully submitted by:



Sue Szostak,

Acting secretary