JANUARY 7, 1999


The meeting was held in the Board Room of the Genesco Building, Nashville, Tennessee.


Attending: (21) Lynne Craver, Cleveland State Community College, Rosa Burnett, State Technical Institute at Memphis, John Hitchcock, Motlow State Community College, Sue Loper, Columbia State Community College, Scott Cohen, Jackson State Community College, Yildiz Binkley, Tennessee State University, Bob Lhota, Dyersburg State Community College, Jim Veatch, Nashville State Technical Institute, Peter Nerzak, Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Les Pourciau, University of Memphis, Mike Rothacker, Volunteer State Community College, Don Craig, Middle Tennessee State University, Vivian Stewart, Shelby State Community College, Donald Joyce, Austin Peay State University, Winston Walden, Tennessee Technological University, Edwin Gleaves, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Jack Stacey, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Jim Winters, Tennessee Board of Regents, Elijah Hall, Tennessee Board of Regents, Peter Consacro, Tennessee Board of Regents and Robbie Kendall Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents.


  1. The meting was called to order at 1:00 by Chair, Winston Walden. He distributed the meeting agenda and requested other agenda items from the floor. The agenda was accepted on a motion by John Hitchcock, seconded by Rosa Burnett

  3. The minutes of the previous meeting (October 8, 1998) were distributed and accepted on a motion by Les Pourciau, seconded by Don Craig.

  5. The Chair allowed all present to introduce themselves and introduced Edwin Gleaves, Tennessee State Library and Archives. He introduced Jack Stacy, the State Library’s Bibliographic Services Coordinator. The two of them then presented the "Tennessee Electronic Library" (TEL), a presentation developed to introduce state government officials to this initiative. The presentation detailed the need for such an initiative, the status of electronic information access as it exists today, other statewide initiatives that can serve as models for the TEL, and the potential for this program, citing key provisions and budgetary requirements. Discussion following the presentation included concern that there exists no representative from a large four year college or university – input from which might be helpful. Edwin Gleaves noted that this is a concept document only and acknowledged the fact that representation from all types of libraries – public and school as well as higher education – is needed. He invited input from TBR. It was suggested that academic library opacs as well as NALA’s virtual catalog be included in the slide presentation. A question was posed as to where this proposal is now. Edwin Gleaves cited legal underpinnings necessary for this to happen. He is looking for a legislative initiative. He is putting together a fact sheet for the legislative subcommittee of TLA which will meet February 3. He will meet with Riley Darnell and Frank Grisham, along with Tennshare and TLA representatives to prepare an outline for the general assembly. Appropriations decisions will be made in mid spring. When asked his opinion on the status of private institution participation, Edwin Gleaves said that he is very much in favor of this. Jim Veatch suggested that the federal depository program be a model of how many institutions at many levels can cooperate successfully. When asked about the structure of the program, Edwin Gleaves said that the Tennessee Electronic Library would be administratively under the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

    Discussion turned to whether or not this initiative should be endorsed by the TBR Library Deans and Directors. All in attendance agreed with the need for academic library representation in the selection process and noted some potential advantages to our endorsement. On a motion by Les Pourciau, seconded by Donald Joyce, endorsement was accepted as follows: "The Library Deans and directors of the Tennessee Board of Regents endorse the concept of the Tennessee Electronic Library with the expressed hope that all library types will be involved in the selection process that determines what databases and services will be offered."


  7. The fourth agenda item was the TALC proposal. Peter Consacro invited someone to attend the academic affairs sub-council and entertain questions and concerns to alleviate further confusion. He will include this as an action item on which to vote at the meeting on January 21st. It was decided that Winston Walden and Les Pourciau will attend this meeting. A vote was taken to approve the revised "proposal to establish the Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative," a copy of which was distributed. Jim Veatch moved to amend page three to qualify "ex officio" by adding "non-voting" in parenthesis. The proposal was approved on a motion by Les Pourciau, seconded by Don Craig.

  9. Because of time-constraints of several in attendance, agenda item eight having to do with the distribution of TAF funds was addressed. Rosa distributed copies of TAF survey results as well as a rough draft of a proposal requesting a percentage of TAF funds be allocated to the libraries at each institution on a recurring basis. All were in agreement that librarians should be a part of the administration/allocation process of TAF funds and that libraries should routinely receive a percentage of these funds. Robbie Melton commended the group for their efforts in taking a proactive stance on this issue.

  11. The next agenda item addressed a by-laws revision. The draft had been sent via e-mail to members in early December and a hard copy was distributed at the meeting. The addition of methods by which votes would be accepted by the chair in lieu of a called meeting and the allowance of proxy votes when a representative from a library cannot attend a called meeting were the only major changes. The by-laws revision passed.

  13. The spring meeting date will be April 27, 1999, at Middle Tennessee State University. Don Craig will try and arrange a shuttle from Nashville.

  15. The membership in attendance thought that the spring retreats to Bell Buckle are beneficial. Lynne Craver will get the available dates and e-mail the membership for their input. Agenda items will be solicited as well.

  17. Lynne Craver asked about the status of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Robbie Melton noted that Chris Modisher with TBR’s legal department is investigating this and would be distributing information to each campus within the next month.

  19. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:15.



Respectfully Submitted,



Lynne Craver, Chair-Elect