UT/TBR Spring meeting

April 25, 2007

Middle Tennessee State University




Meeting was called to order at 12:40 CT with Barbara Dewey and Vicky Leather presiding. Vicky was filling in for Mary Evelyn Lynn, who was unable to attend due to staffing conflicts in her library.


Introductions were made. Steve Rogers, Rosa Burnett and Robert Lhota are all retiring this year. Steve Rogers is leaving after 33 years to pursue family interests. Rosa Burnett is retiring on April 29 after 31 years to pursue fulltime ministry.


Following introductions, librarians shared information about recent developments in their respective libraries.





Suresh reported on the recent TENN-SHARE board meeting. Suresh is the incoming TENN-SHARE president for 2007-08.


The Volunteer Voices digitization project is going well with presentations being conducted across the state. Project coordinators welcome samples from interested libraries to test how well these sample materials will work with the current collection. If you are interested in sharing a local collection, contact Tiffani Conner.


Work is still progressing on the one-step access initiative. David Atkins is pursuing the integration of Agent Federated Search with Illiad to allow an enhanced interlibrary loan process. The project seeks to identify regional resource sharing groups already in existence and link these groups together. The project also encourages that more library catalogs become available in Agent.


The RFP for TEL is proceeding well. The bill requesting $1 million funding has enough sponsors to proceed. The Speaker of the House supports the bill.


TENN-SHARE is planning a mid-June strategic planning retreat.


Suresh indicated that the paperless TALC project has been sidelined by other initiatives.


State text-book cost initiative


There is a bill before the state legislature requiring libraries to place text books on reserve for student use. If passed, the bill may have little effect as an amendment indicates that textbooks must be placed on library reserve only when the publisher has made copies available to the college expressly for that purpose.


Quarterly contracts report


There was general discussion about the existence of revisions to the TBR Services Contract Review Purchasing Policy requiring that each institution report quarterly on the performance of every contract. Many expressed concern about the practicality and usefulness of such reporting by each library. Several indicated that they had received no instructions from their institution regarding procedural changes in reporting.


Online course platforms


Peter Nerzak briefly summarized the current migration of TBR online courses from WebCT to Desire2L (D2L) course management systems. D2L was selected as TBR’s new course management system partly because it was more “web-friendly”. Peter raised the possibility that D2L may offer increased potential for accessibility of library content and services by online students.


Web pages and pathfinders are easily created and can be added to the course by the course instructor.


D2L features the use of “widgets”, or channels, allowing customization of the course interface look and feel.


Most instructor content seems to be migrating from WebCT to D2L seamlessly, but problems have been reported with the migration of quizzes. Additionally, D2L currently presents obstacles to uploading papers into Turnitin. Peter noted that D2L seems eager to please its clientele and will likely address the problem soon.


Peter also indicated that D2L is currently working to improve the process of loading student information from Banner into D2L.


Other matters


Barbara mentioned recent publisher challenges to the practice of e-reserve collections.


Don Craig mentioned that the MTSU library administrative computers were recently hacked. Though there is no evidence suggesting that hackers were looking for sensitive information, he described the process MTSU library took in notifying individuals whose social security numbers were contained in documents on the compromised computers. Don stressed the importance of regular computer file maintenance and recommends that social security numbers never be stored in documents on a PC.


Sue Szostak attended a TSLA presentation on ArchiveIT and expressed concern that the project does not “crawl” community colleges. Vicky mentioned that college catalogs are often archived by College Source Online (http://www.collegesource.org).


Suresh indicated interest in combining purchase options of UT and TBR for upcoming Science Direct purchases. UT’s Science Direct purchase agreement comes up for renewal in 2010. The TBR purchase agreement is renewable in 2008. Barbara advised Suresh to talk to Linda Phillips.


Rita suggested that “the era of government documents is over” as more and more government information becomes available online yet current rules make it harder to keep an unused collection than get rid of it. ETSU is both a state depository and selective federal depository.