December 2 and 3, 2010

TBR Deans and Directors Fall Meeting




Robert Benson

Yildez Binkley

Kathy Breeden

Scott Cohen

Jean Flanigan

Sylverna Ford

Stuart Gaetjens

Margaret Faye Jones

Louise Kelly

Vicky Leather

Peter Nerzak

Duncan Parsons

Suresh Ponnappa

Mayo Taylor (Friday)

Joe Weber


Library Updates:

  • Chattanooga: taught 3 different components of research project.
  • Vol State: working on emporium for developmental studies.
  • Columbia: fund raising for renovation of library.
  • APSU: will be painting and carpeting over break. Some remodeling during spring break and possibly summer. Converted staff to faculty librarian position.
  • TSU: buying PCs, printers, scanners. Leasing server. Looking for new president. Working on a learning commons. Will hire security guard for library. There has been an increase in crime on campus.
  • ETSU: Center for Academic Achievement is now open--don’t have the learning commons furniture yet. Are desperate for personnel. Will not merge with ETSU Medical. Celebrate centennial in 2011.
  • Northeast: few issues with discipline. Parking is tight. Do have campus security cameras. Looking at new campus sites.
  • Pellissippi: new campus in Strawberry Plains. Carved out space out of the library for adjuncts. But may move to Strawberry Plains. Busy with SWETS.
  • ETSU Medical: converting 1/3 of stacks to carrels and group study rooms and lounge. Medical students have adopted the inner city reading room as their project. Also organized a health fair. ETSU will incorporate a portal (medical library has done this for years). Dedicated website and staff person to all PDA services. No cuts, but no new money.
  • Motlow: will build new building in Smyrna site; open 7 days a week. Fully staffed. Lost one position. 
  • Jackson: bought a Kindle for the library to check out. Use the school credit card. Blended classes for development writing; providing library assignments. Lots of students taking dual credit. Updating policy/procedures manual.
  • Nashville: Dr. Weed is retiring. Replaced 2 staff members. New site in Antioch.
  • Roane State: 2 resignations at the beginning of the year. New librarian started January 3. Hopeful that staff will start January 3. Start a new culture of training. Reorganization on hold. Clearance to build new building at Oak Ridge campus. Forge strong relationship with Learning Center: Team teach bibliographic instruction. Learning Support (redesign) will be in the Library. Campus set up an academic misconduct committee. Purchasing JSTOR.
  • University of Memphis: hired 5 new librarians and 3 staff members. And now can fill rest of open positions. At the end of the semester, the Commons will be open 24/7. All dissertations and theses must be submitted electronically (the library cataloged and maintains server). Running out of storage space. Budget is uncertain again this year. Have closed two subject branch libraries. University to celebrate centennial in 2012.


SWETSWise Federated Search:

  • Michael Edwards, the rep, spoke to the group, with Rhoda Mayfield from Lyrasis.
  • Showed George Mason site: advanced search page is main page.
  • Students can create their own log-ins. Faculty and students can share lists.
  • Will check to see if 4-year schools can piggyback on the TBR purchase.
  • URL:
    • Username: swets; Password: Winter2010
  • Each school has administrative interface.


TBR Liasion:

  • Sylverna Ford made a motion that we ask Robbie Melton to be our TBR liaison. Joe Weber seconded the motion. Unanimous approval.


TBR Media Consortium: Information Item

  • Creation of the presidents’ council and all TBR institutions belong.
  • No institution willing to take on the media consortium after University of Memphis gave it up.
    • Requires record-keeping and follow-up to negotiate agreements with vendors, and various discounts. You want to be able to send to the presidents a pattern of cost avoidance.
  • For community colleges, AV collections are mostly streaming, which Angela and libraries are very good at it.
    • FMG agreement will be based on headcount enrollment.
  • Someone Media Consortium attends the National Media Market most years.
  • Is some of the work done by the Media Consortium replaced by TennShare and other groups?
  • Jean and Yildez will provide documents for how the group is structured.
  • Will welcome more information from Media Consortium itself.

Alexander Street BBC.

  • Ambrose will take over. More expensive. Will ask RODP to pay. If not, we will pay $1900 extra.


Alexander World History Streaming Video.

  • Peter will go back and see if all schools have to participate.


Developmental Resdesign.

  • Jackson: Will merge the courses with college level/RD.
  • Pellissippi: get two extra credits to do Developmental and Comp I simultaneously.
  • Math is mostly emporium model with MyMathLab.
  • One Pellissippi faculty member swears by listening to audiobooks. Made Libguide for this.


Mobile Applications:

  • Some databases offer apps but require knowledge of authentication.
  • May tie in to Robbie’s eLearning website.
  • Can create a reading list of journals on research on apps on that website.
  • Millenium has an “airpack” for smartphones, simplifies the screen.
  • Chattanooga has started a libguide for apps.


eBook Readers:

  • Jackson State’s goal was for books on demand.
  • Pellissippi experimenting with Sony readers, can download Netlibrary books.
  • Roane is thinking of starting with digital textbooks.



  • Often geared toward career materials in career services.
  • TSU all students have a eportfolio in the college of education.
  • Used for promotion and tenure for faculty. Memphis and APSU are either going or aleady online.
  • Eportfolios also used by composition students in developmental.
  • ETSU at the beginning of an instutitional repository.
  • Clemson is using Google docs for their implementation and collaborated with Google for repository.



  • Stuart Gartjeans is chair-elect.


Spring Meeting Dates with UT:

  • April 7 and 8 are the proposed dates.