TBR and UT Deans and Directors’ Spring Meeting

April 7-8, 2011


Present (TBR): Margaret Faye Jones (Chair), Stuart Gaetjens (Secretary), Robert Benson, Yildez Binkley, Kathy Breeden, Jean Flanigan, Sylverna Ford, Louise Kelly, Vicky Leather, Duncan Parsons, Suresh Ponnappa, Joe Weber


Present (UT): Theresa Liedtka, Emily Moore, Linda Phillips, Tom Singarella, Mary Carpenter, Sandy Oelschlegel



Faye called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm


Robert counted those interested in dinner reservations


Robbie Melton took the floor to discuss technology

Faye started the discussion with a question about vendors and physical security of devices.  Robbie said mobile devices would be tagged and inventoried even though their value is under $1500. Robbie recommended downloading “Find my iPad” which is a free app which can help locate a stolen iPad.  Amazon purchases vary by campus, some use campus credit cards, other reimburse.  April 29, 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel the top three textbook publishers will be showing off their e-products


“What are you doing with mobile tech?”

Robert (RSCC) is doing an e-reader trial for a limited number of textbooks.  Jean asked why some libraries are purchasing hardware.  Robert said his was a pilot to see how different devices work as text readers.  Theresa (UTC) has Kindle readers with public domain books available for two week loans.  Doug (WSCC) coordinated the purchase of 100 iPads for administrators and faculty.  The goal is for all faculty to have them.  Suresh (ETSU) has 100 iTouch and 10 iPads for training local clergy to find medical information for people.  Jean (ETSU) mobile users must register with IT.  Tom (UTK) has a grant to facilitate med students using smart phones in the hospital setting.  Suresh (ETSU) commented that many Google e-books will not work on small mobile devices.  Robert (RSCC) advised not focusing on free ebooks since public domain editions may not be the best translations.


Conference June 20-23 at Walters State on mobilization


Interesting apps: Quicksort turns book barcodes into citations, Gale “My College” brings up the library home page or Gale databases, Mary Evelyn (Clev St) mentioned the Stat Ref app, Vicky (Chat St) mentioned “Course Smart” for online textbooks.


“Everyone should have an iPad”, “Life is good”:  Robbie Melton



Library Updates:

Emily Moore (UTSI):  barcoding books, flat budget, aligning with UTK accounting


Jean Flanigan (ETSU):  III consortium is losing experienced staff so they are switching to remote hosting, SGA proposing a library fee to extend hours to 6 am – midnight.


Yildiz Binkley (TSU):  There is a new learning commons is a glassed enclosure in the reference area, 100th anniversary of the library, SACS writing underway.  She will visit JSCC as a SACS reviewer.


Don Craig (MTSU):  he will be Interim Dean through December, Bill Black is back at work and doing well, small increase in budget to cover fixed cost increases, III with Encore, lost one librarian and three clerical staff in buyout, writing center now in the library, doing a study on bibliographic instruction’s impact on retention, adding 50 computers to the library, 100th anniversary, online college data open to alumni including digitized yearbooks and school newspapers.


Mary Carpenter (UTM):  looking to add a K1C2 scanner ($20,000) for students to make free scans, liaisons to departments working well, hosted Susan Rebecca White at annual book event.

Theresa Liedtka (UTC):  building project out to bid, proposed library fee of $25 per semester, four year project to week the library, ILL requests which UTC purchases instead circulate to other users 70% of the time, switching to WorldCat Local, but reserves have insufficient audit trail, they have extended their VTLS contact three months for transition, finished site visit by SACS, 125th anniversary, digitizing yearbooks, etc., UT system proposing centralized librarian position to streamline database purchases.


Vicky Leather (Chat St):  Apple Core  video editing software added to Macs in the library

SGA very supportive, “Chat State Reads” and poetry readings event.


Joe Weber (APSU):  compact shelving, new paint, carpet and furniture, 10 new PC’s for commons so they can now handle classes up to 35 students, Writing Center/Coffee shot moving into the library,  flat budget, 3M not supporting security system, one staff position open, library IT down to one person, enrollment up 3000 in last 3 years, 25 new faculty openings approved, gate count went from 245,000 to over 500,000 in last 4 years, extended hours by 10 hours per week, now 109 hours per week, the most in the state.


Carolyn Head (SWCC):  three library staff in the buyout or RIF, campus wide only 80-90 took it while the campus had hoped for 120, one librarian and one staff position are open, campus instituting standard evaluations for all, she successfully pushed to get librarians into student retention discussions, conducted a competency camp for staff.


Doug Bates (TTU):  Learning Commons will be the first floor of the library.  It will have new power outlets and data ports.  They are withdrawing 70,000 volumes (Go Nelda!), which includes the journals which overlap with full text databases. 


Linda Phillips (UTK):  She is Interim Dean.  Steve Smith will be the new Dean on 6/13/2011.  He is from Texas A&M Special Collections and Development, UTK is pursuing “Vol Vision” to make it one of the nation’s top 25 universities, The library has a three year strategic plan which covers visibility, staff function, development, technology, research, space use.  Old journals have been sent to storage even though she would have preferred withdrawing them.  New Assessment Librarian position open.  8% budget cut across all colleges, $700,000 cut in the library, “salary savings” (open positions and retirements) funding student workers.


Stuart Gaetjens (MSCC):  digitizing newspapers, trouble with temperature control in the library (up to 27 degrees difference between different parts of the library), leased photocopiers including faxing and scanning to email.


Sylverna Ford (UM):  three library positions posted - ILS, cataloger, instruction.  Nine positions lost in the buyout.  Encore up last fall, users like it, but staff not sure.  Staff now reshelve books after problems with student shelving quality, stimulus money never got to the library, so no books were purchased this year, closing chemistry library, now down to three branch libraries.  Rapid ILL for articles supplied within 24 hours.  Now all UM dissertations must be submitted electronically, second buyout for faculty only: goal was 15, but 18 took it, no one in the library.  Faculty scholarship week – faculty publications on display.  National Library Week- Tuesday National Library Worker’s Day she invited the mayor to speak.  III training might be offered at UM.


Faye Jones (NSCC):  “The Year of Being Unsettled” - new VP over the library will be hired, two library retirements led to (healthy) culture clash with replacements, purchasing cut off 3/24, new wireless system, campus might expand into the old Dillard’s at Hickory Point Mall, the public library may also open a branch there.


Tom Singarella:  (UTM Health Sci) - library lost three in RIF, two new librarians hired.  A space utilization committee is looking at the print footprint.  ROI funded grants using library databases on grant applications - formula to show library’s contribution/impact, “Big Deal” pay per view, now open 96 hours per week, wants to reduce summer hours by 10 per week after losing evening position in RIF, working with local hospitals.


Suresh Ponnappa (ETSU Med):  SACS 2013 and medical evaluation this fall, payments cannot cover anything outside the current fiscal year so all renewals need to be in July or paid in two parts.  10,000 volumes surplused, emptied basement to make way for 24/7 access to lounge/study space, President retired this winter, campus considering a dental school, ROI study.


Robert Benson (RSCC):  Filled two vacancies which brought new energy/ideas, iPad pilot, stable budget due to new distance ed fee and TAF.  Adding JSTOR, Mango, ebrarian and Overdrive, trying out different ebook platforms, Developmental studies redesign means math learning support taught in the library adjacent to the Learning Center, had a nice ceremony with patrons and family opening the Mario Martini Memorial Collection.


Doug Cross (WSCC):  Amy Green (novelist) archive, 100 iPads on campus for exec counsel, design team, then faculty in fall, ebooks (circ 15,000) vs paper (circ 29,000) - in two years he thinks ebooks will surpass print.  Virtual desktop (remote storage of data, cloud with dumb terminals), all programs remotely loaded, six year replacement for monitors and servers are remote.


Duncan Parsons (NESCC):  SACS revisit because one campus offers more than 50% of classes for one program, 67780 headcount is up 7%, security cameras installed on campus with stimulus funds.


Mary Evelyn Lynn (Clev St):  two staff took buyout and were replaced with two 10-month positions.  The young energy is good.  New paint and carpet, new blog, service learning course (1 hour) co-taught with history dept, Children’s Reading Garden.


Louise Kelly (VSCC):  New site in Springfield funded by city and county.  It has a small library, a part-time staff member and 6-8 computers.  The library is weeding VHS and the campus has stopped purchasing VHS players.  WePa (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) kiosks on campus.


Kathy Breeden (Columbia St):  SACS in 2012, “Lincoln and the Constitution” display.




Billing for OCLC services will transition from Lyrasis to OCLC.  Many libraries have already transitioned without difficulties.


Tenn-Share Resources

Tenn-Share is setting up a calendar for renewals.  Tennessee Libraries could save more money if they were willing to purchase through Tenn-Share.  They plan on updating the statewide survey of databases.  TEL has an RFP out for an Encyclopedia.  LinkWord is giving Tennessee libraries a two year free trial with optional payment.


Tenn-Share Courier

The recent survey showed 80-90% of respondents were in favor of having a courier.  TBR needs a representative on the committee for the upcoming RFP meeting.  Yildiz volunteered.  [Stuart attended due to a calendar conflict.]  OCLC could streamline requests with a consortium catalog.  How TALC cards are handled will need to be addressed in the policy document.




Mobile Library (Robbie Melton)

“We need to be proactive….  I need people to go out there and use them.”

TBR e-learning initiative home page www.tbrelearning.org

Also, Robbie has extensive notes on mobilization and apps at  www.livebinders.com (search binders for “Tennessee p-20”)


iTouch has a project or attachment and a blood pressure cuff attachment

80% of students have some mobile device

Less than 5% of all apps are for education

Myfi - don’t buy it because this summer your cell phone will be able to serve as a hot spot for 10 other devices

There is an app for sign language, Jiggaboo app translates in real time, Google translate (free), Kobo has millions of free books, Audio Shelf has audio books, Dracula won an award for best app.

Retreat June 20-24 at Walters State in Sevierville.  Details to follow.

Librarians should plan on facilitating or attending Thursday’s subject mobilization sessions.

Robbie is not our official TBR liaison.  She thinks it is Greg.


Withdrawn books policies (Mary Evelyn)

“Is anyone using books disposal companies?”  Be Logistics or Foliofun?

Doug sent his books to campus maintenance and let them decide what to do with them.

Mary Evelyn:  With the TBR’s green initiative, how can we improve our weeding?

Should this be a retreat topic?

Louise:  books get recycled at Vol St.

Yildiz:  purchasing agent allowed a group to look over the books to send some to Africa

Robert:  his purchasing agent said he could put items up on ebay

This subject needs further discussion, Sylverna, Louise and Doug volunteered to serve on a subcommittee.


RODP Summer Academy

Faye will send out the dates.


Alexander Street Theater and Shakespeare Subscription

TBR media Consortium recommended purchasing through ASP through April 2012 and begin negotiations with Ambrose early.

Members noted that ASP’s start/stop feature didn’t work, and we need to push for chaptered access.


SWETS Federated Search

Mary Evelyn is disappointed with the product.  She doesn’t think it dedups and capitalization throws off the relevance ranking.  Cleveland State has not gone live for these reasons.

Stuart doesn’t like the preliminary results coming back within one second because results are really irrelevant.  Also, the pop up window which offers the really relevant results may not be read and accepted because people close pop ups.

SWETSwise has scheduled a webinar for April 22, 1:00 Central.


Tenn Share (Don)

Mary Ellen Pozenbaum (MTSU) wonders how important cooperative buying is to TBR because even when contacted directly many libraries refuse to purchase within a consortium to save money.  Tenn Share is run by DeAnne Luck and volunteers.  DeAnne is part time.  There is a limit to how much they can do.


Angela Gregory is looking into whether Tenn Share is keeping sufficient records regarding sole source purchases.  Library purchasing patterns were discussed by TBR purchasing agents.


Faye will contact Theresa Liedtka about having the proposed new UT database coordinator purchase for all UT and TBR.



Summer Retreat

Renaissance Center in Dickson, August 4-5, 2011

Do we want to submit updates in writing so we have more time for the retreat topics?

UT librarians would like to join our retreat.  Do we want them to join us?  If so, for how much of the retreat?



Academic Audit Academic Checklist – Libraries “not applicable” to student success.