TBR/UT Library Directors

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TBR Offices, Nashville


Present: Faye Jones (NSCC), Stuart Gaetjens (MSCC), Chair; Doug Cross (WSCC); Sylverna Ford (UM); Duncan Parsons (NESCC); Suresh Ponnappa (ETSU Med); Doug Bates (TTU), Secretary; Joe Weber (APSU); Louise Kelly (VSCC); Bonnie Allen, (MTSU); Robert Benson (RSCC); Vicky Leather (Chat SCC); Peter Nerzak (PSTCC), Carolyn Head (STCC), Theresa Liedtka(UTC), Sandra Leach(UTK), Scott Childs(UT Law), Tom Singarella(UTHS), Mary Carpenter(UTM), Sandy Oelschegel(UT Med)


Campus Updates:


UTK Sandy Leach: Ut system is discussing central purchasing of library resources. The library is very busy at the end of the semester. Not getting recurring inflation money. 3 million allocated for expansion of the learning commons, working on the entire 2nd floor. The new dean is envisioning renovating every floor. Contemplating a scholar’s collaborative for faculty and graduate students. The faculty would like a contemplative space. The dean is also considering moving processing out of the building.


 STCC Carolyn Head: Expansion of the center in Fayette County which will mean staffing issues. Two librarians were hired and one has since resigned. There has been no budget increase and they are looking where they can cut. They have been doing lots of weeding.


UT Med Sandy Oelschegel: The budget is flat. They are creating liaisons with academic departments and weeding the print journal collection. Narrative medicine, use of arts in medicine, program is being presented in the library. They also have a Poet in residence. Two librarians traveled to South Africa on consumer health research. Strategic planning is underway.


UTC Theresa Liedtka: A fee of $25 per semester from students approved. It will be used to cover some resources. A Faculty Senate resolution to cover materials inflation is being put forward. Work on the new library is continuing and it is optimistically scheduled to open in fall 2013. A complete collection review project is underway. Working with OCLC on WMS. Waiting on a fix. If the fix does not work then they will go out on bid.


APSU Joe Weber: Doing OK with the budget. Have not had to cut serials. University is reviewing the gen ed curriculum and the library will be involved in the process. A Starbucks has opened on the first floor.


UM Sylverna Ford: Budgets have been flat. There is support on campus for a funding increase. 3 faculty searches are in progress. 2 staff positions have been posted. UM is celebrating 100th anniversary. The faculty convocation reception will be in the library.  Approval has been given to migrate to Sierra. There is a need for a librarian for the Lambuth campus.


MSCC Stuart Gaetjens: Films on Demand is working. A major periodical withdrawal is underway. 5,000 rolls of microfilm are available.


UTLaw Scott Childs: Hiring a director of technology and are currently reviewing applications. Librarians are doing lots of teaching. Working on a standardized curriculum for legal research.


PSCC Peter Nerzak: Budgets are static. Faculty were surveyed and 60 replies were received. Interviewed for 5 year campus space plan. Working on a Chinese language collection. Hours have been increased.


NESCC Duncan Parsons: Renovation of two campus locations. Migrating to Sierra and implementation is planned for January 2013.


VSCC Louise Kelly: VSCC has a new President. The freshman experiences track will receive extra academic support and libraries will be included.


ClevSCC Alan Goslind(?): Alan is the temporary director. Putting together a small information commons.


RSCC Robert Benson: The President is retiring in October. New building on Oak Ridge campus. The library will stay in place. The learning center is moving out of the library space. Staffing is stable. They want to move away from using work study students. They want more flexibility, using fewer people for more hours. Have ordered video conferencing unit, Tandberg video.


ETSU Med Suresh Ponnappa: Continuing with the base budget. The Dean makes up for inflation. New President has been spending a week in each college. Successfully completed the accreditation process. Basic sciences have been combined in one department. Started consumer health reading room in Johnson City community health center. Grant to help preachers give information to cancer patients.


NSTCC  Faye Jones: Has been an eventful year. Started an online bulletin/exhibits. Opening 2 new centers, Clarksville and Antioch. Chair of the mobilization committee. 10 iPads to faculty and 10 iPads to staff. Weekly email highlighting the database of the week. Started a program at state prisons, have sent resources to prisons.


UTM Mary Carpenter: Modest inflation increase provided for materials budget. Searching for a head of systems and head of media. QEP for information literacy focusing on embedding librarians in classes. Has been popular with faculty. Have hired an intern in communications for Facebook page. Friends of the Library organization is going strong. Open mic night in the café area. Doing high school outreach. Hours have been expanded to 2AM for finals.


MTSU Bonnie Allen: 3 department head positions are open, technology, collection development, and curriculum library. Looking at migration to Sierra June of 2013. Budget looks good. Expanding hours, 7AM to 2AM. Plans to create a center for digitization and looking at outreach programs to high schools and service to community students. Enrollment is plateauing at 27,000.  The university is building a new university center and new science building.


Tenn-Share update

Tenn-Share is in a transition phase. The executive director has retired and DeAnne Luck is moving on. Melissa Brenneman organized the strategic planning retreat. The process was productive. Melissa wants to organize as a nonprofit. A major initiative is the state wide courier project. An RFP has gone out. An effort is being made to pare down the mission statement. There is a challenge to ensure a secure funding stream. Trying to do more outreach. The executive director position is key to the future of the organization. Current thinking is that 1 full time position will combine the work of the executive director and database coordinator.


State Wide Courier

RFP is going out. Do we need to talk about target turnaround time? How much money will the State contribute? Two companies have expressed interest, one bid is in and waiting on the other company.


Bonnie Allen Raised the question of how much Tenn-Share contributes to our resource sharing. What is the value of Tenn-Share? How are priorities being chosen? Everyone agreed these are important questions that need to be asked.


UT central purchasing for library resources

One successful deal has been negotiated with the publisher of Nature. UT purchasing is in contact with TBR to discuss working together on purchasing of library resources. There has been progress.


Better World Books

PSCC is working with better world books and is very satisfied with the service. There is some confusion among the different schools, both TBR and UT, about what is permissible and what is not in relation to the disposal of books. UTC holds a book sale. TTU was told that they were not allowed to hold a book sale and that Better World Books was not an option.


Possibility of UT/TBR Library Faculty and Staff Survey

There is currently no good comparative metric for faculty and staff salaries. Theresa proposed a survey to gather faculty and staff salary information for the use of the TBR/UT libraries. The project was greed to. Theresa will head up the project and send the finished report to the directors and deans.


UT/TBR Borrower Cards and Costs

UTC has run out of cards. There is currently no process for the purchase of more cards. Theresa will price the cards. Other suggestions were made to use technology for example a PDF that could be downloaded and printed at each site.



Materials Budgets

A wide ranging discussion was help about various resources for purchasing both books and periodicals. Some of the issues discussed were:



Various patron driven acquisitions models from different ebook vendors were discussed. It was suggested that the Charleston conference is a good resource for acquisitions information. UTC does a survey to find out if patrons prefer ebooks, paperbooks or both. The issue of ownership versus leasing of ebooks was also discussed. The question was raised if students are using library catalogs to discover materials.



Many institutions have investigated or are investigating article level purchasing. Some who have tried it found it too expensive and ultimately unworkable using the current process and prices offered by publishers.



Friday, 20 April 2012


TBR eLearning/Mobile Libraries

Mobile learning is rising in importance. Mobile is complex and changes quickly. Could we collaborate to share resources and identify best practices? TBR e-learning site is a place to find apps related to education. There is a concept of a mobile app bank which is a central finding agent that librarians are building. The idea is to enhance the discovery process for apps. Faculty can request apps. It could feature apps in learning outcomes in general ed. The mobile team has created a LibGuide with featured apps in gen ed. The tabs correspond to gen ed categories. We should have a mechanism to review apps. TBR is trying to help get started with apps. At this point the focus is on discovery. Work on how to cite the apps. We need to look at peer review, possible featuring 20- 50 apps. Mobile is also more that iPads and apps. How do campuses handle mobile? Some ideas are TBR mobile library toolkit and TBR mobile libraries blog. The committee recently conducted a survey about the current state of mobilization in our libraries. The results will be sent to the libraries. Do we have support for patrons that want to download e-books. It is a several step process and we should have instructions for the various products. We need staff that is knowledgeable about the process. We need training for librarians. We should create a structure for sharing ideas related to ebooks, iPads and other mobile devices.


Northeast State has created a mobile app for campus. It is a feature rich app


We need to know what major areas of concern we have and how the mobile team can help. LibGuides can be used to create a mobile pages and sites. The team is looking for thoughts and ideas on where to focus.





Tenn-Share TBR Rep

Mary Ellen is willing to serve 3 more years. The question was raised if 3 years is too long. The period will be shortened to 1 year and let the new executive director take on their duties and set up the structure. The TBR rep to Tenn Share should stay in touch with the deans and directors.


TBR Media Consortia Update

Drafting a letter to Tenn-Share proposing that the consortia act as a subcommittee, the purpose of which would be to pass on recommendations. Reported on the recent TBR purchase of BBC Shakespeare productions through Ambrose. Write an email to Ambrose to set up the link.


RODP Update

There are a number of databases that are expiring. CINAHL is paid for by RODP and is finalized. Wilson databases need to be rebid. The State library bid for TEL (currently with Gale) will not be complete until October. RODP will wait to see what is selected for TEL. May want to explore adding OVID to RODP


ROCC summer academy will be at Southwest June 20-22. There will be a ˝ day on the 20th for libraries. During the other days librarians will have a chance to meet with faculty and talk about the value of libraries. Expenses will be paid for by ROCC. Peter will send further information about the conference. Ebsco contributed to the conference and may have a presence. If you have any ideas about speakers for the library’s half day let Peter know (ebrary, embedded librarianship, etc.). There may be an opportunity to present during other parts of the program.


PsychArticles does not need to be rebid for 2 years. Everyone is set up for EZproxy except Dyersburg and Motlow.


RODP pays for SWETS federated searching. Some colleges are having trouble with SWETS. One problem is that it is not identifying full text articles. Send Peter any issues and he will pass them on to SWETS. Is anyone using their use report system?


Professional Development

Tabled until the August Meeting


Sierra Migration Issues

Tennessee State is moving to Sierra. MTSU is also moving to Sierra but they are questioning the decision. The question was asked about the features of Sierra and the advantages of migrating. Sierra is a work in progress.