TBR Deans and Directors Spring Meeting

Thursday, April 18, 2008







Duncan Parson, Chair -Yildiz B. Binkley, Chair-Elect-Mary E. Lynn-Douglas Cross-Sue C. Szostak-Louise Kelly-Faye Jones-Kathy Breeden-Vick Leather-Winston Walden-Carolyn Head-Joe Weber-Rita Scher-Peter Nerzak-Sylverna Ford-Don Craig


The meeting was called† to order by Duncan Parsons at 8:30am. The following items were discussed:


Media Consortium Update-

Sheila Owens expressed her desire to step down as the Director.† The Media persons want the Media Consortium to continue. This topic will be discussed at their meeting† at Motlow.† The focus will be what other alternatives to pursue in order to accomplish the objectives of the Consortium.† The current duties of the Director involves the negotiation of prices of videos.† The Council agrees the online media will be the way of the future and that we need to expand the model of libraries working with RODP and Angela to include the licensing and purchasing of media.† Band width is also an issue to look at. We need to broaden the capabilities to access streaming videos. We also need to find a way to have the videos downloaded on student cell phones. AT&T† offers to increase bandwidth at a low cost. The FMG server is at the TBR and provides service to our campuses.† Campus IT Directors may be consulted.


RODP Update-

D2L training sessions were held at MTSU. We all may identify a web-based Embedded Librarian. There is a form for this. We may have another D2L workshop at MTSU. TBR-RODP may conduct workshops at the Renaissance Center also. Peter will work with ez -proxy to access D2L without username and password.


WIKI Update-

Peter sent an e-mail with passwords for us to look at it. User name is-first name . last name. And the password is- campusname.† We can make changes after the initial use. We have permission to make changes. Recommendations need to be sent to Peter. Staff members doing projects can get an account number but only TBR Deans and Directors can make changes.


D2L and LOR-

Learning Object Repository (LOR) is activated at Pellissippi that is linked to MELOT. It has a federated search function. It searches MERLOTís index-shows 25 results, can create a link and put it on a page in your course. Questions were raised about linking other databases. Peter thinks D2L can do it, something like a pathfinder.


Library 2.0- LibGuides-

Libguides.com. ETSU and Pellissippi joined interactive Web 2.0 to create pathfinders. The cost is $900 per year.† So far 150 libraries signed up.




Safari e-books Update-

We will have access to 50 more books. Peter will create a wiki. We need to figure out to obtain use statistics. Rita will look at the e-mail she received from Safari. Jane Davis , MTSU, volunteered to create MARC records for Safari and she may inform us about changes.


Alexander Street Theatre Update-

We all agreed to participate in the purchase of the Alexander Street Theatre. We are waiting for the July invoice and the license to come back from Alexander Street. It contains BBC Shakespeare videos and an addition of 300 videos. We will own the videos. MARC records will be created. These videos are not downloadable, they are streamed. Flash needs to be on the computers. We will each also have a tape of the videos. Peter will send an e-mail containing more info.


Library Collection Valuations-

MTSU Campus Planning asked Don to turn in valuation to TBR. Real replacement value for collections, furniture, etc. Content of Donís building is $62 million. A document from 1997-98 was distributed. Winston is working on valuation of bound periodicals, paperback books and gift materials. The TBR Library Valuation Sheet states that current average price for the books and processing fee must be submitted. At MTSU fee is $ 25.00 for lost books.† The TBR list needs to be updated to reflect the current materials.† Winston will send the list of the updated prices by the end of the month. Maps were valued at $5.00.


TBR Wide Library Fee-

Library fee is becoming popular around the nation. However, Bob Adams is philosophically against this fee.† There are fees for athletics, business, engineering, and distance education. Nursing may also charge a fee. We may work together as a group to get a library fee that may be 1 to 1.5% of the maintenance fee. We will prepare a proposal and a strategy. On the other hand, we will avoid any cuts in our current funding of TAF funds. An idea is to put out a letter on Dr. Paula Shortís newsletter and talk to TBR Sub-Council. Another idea id to talk to our presidents and provide bullets of facts. We can also argue about retention and graduation and lifelong learning.† Sylverna will convene a sub-committee and work on the library fee.† We will have to go through the Academic Sub-Council.

We still need a liaison to the Board. Duncan will work on it.


TBR Innovative Usersí Group-

We will attend the Tennessee Innovative Usersí Group in September 11, 2008.


Print Management-

Some campuses received a request from TBR to put in a print management system. Faye requested the system from TAF funds. Some institutions did not receive any directives. TBR may be looking for a print management system next spring. ETSU library has a print management system with copy cards.



Problems with the merger of CSA and Proquest.


MTSU is involved in policies and procedures about information left in digital copier hard drives. Digital copiers store information in the hard drives. Cannon is providing a software upgrade that erases sensitive information such as SS# and credit card numbers for a fee.


The Retreat: will take place in June 12-13, 2008 at Fall Creek Falls.

Meeting adjourned at 1200pm.


Yildiz B. Binkley