TBR Library Directors

Thursday, August 2, 2012

TTU Library, Cookeville


Present: Stuart Gaetjens (MSCC), Chair; Sylverna Ford (UM); Duncan Parsons (NESCC); Suresh Ponnappa (ETSU Med); Doug Bates (TTU), Secretary; Joe Weber (APSU); Louise Kelly (VSCC); Bonnie Allen, (MTSU); Robert Benson (RSCC); Peter Nerzak (PSTCC), Sandra Leach(UTK), Scott Scott Cohen(JSCC), Yildiz Binkley(TSU), Sarah Copeland(Clev SCC), Susan Jennings(Chat SCC), 



Yildiz asks for a response to the roll of libraries in the complete Tennessee College act. What roll should libraries play? The item was added to the agenda.


Collection Development Responsibilities


Robert is looking at policies and procedures. Looking for efficient and effective ways to fulfill collection development responsibilities. Robert has 6 librarians and 3 staff. Librarians have a responsibility for each area of the collection based on subject area. How do you organize the team for awareness? What are the policies? He is concerned aboutabout currating the collection. Some ideas and topics of discussion were:


Faculty reps help a lot. Faculty needed to help with weeding.

Looked at cost per use. Use cost per use to look at it.

Patron driven use for e-books.

How much time should be spent on books?

Could do patron driven acquisitions.

Scott using books as collection development resource.

What do subject liaisons do? Teach classes- work on collection development.


Increasing use of approval plan. YBP is about the only large vendor. Have subject liaisons with dept on many issues. Work with faculty on approval plan. Expanding approval plan. Putting dollars in to library. Inviting faculty to work on approval plan. Use also shelf ready cataloging. Spend time setting up profile. Working on beefing up on liaison process.

Takes time to build liaison program. How does Robert assign liaison responsibilities? Assigned librarian to department internally by college. Balances out strengths and weaknesses. Started using lib guides for instruction.


Use web stats to evaluate databases. Medical college accreditation depends on satisfaction of users.








Should there be cooperative buying on eBooks? Some sub groups in Tennshare looking at consortial buying of eBooks.


16 have subscribed to safari electronic books.

Are interested in a common collection. May want to send out an RFQ.

Do eBooks have same use as paper books?  Question if use has changed because of mobile devices. Does anyone want overdrive? It is possible to get overdrive university. Peter using one click audio recorded books. Ebrary and Ebsco are downloadable.


Would schools be interested in more specialized group of books? Do the universities want to talk?


UT Update

UT and cooperative contracts. Trying to make progress getting through the rules. They lack person to head up the project. Directors talking about taxing themselves to create a combined position.


Met with e-resources and acquisitions people. We need to coordinate meetings with TBR. E-resources librarians are meeting at Tennshare. Maybe TBR e-resources librarians can meet with the UT e-resources librarians. UT experimenting with lots of stuff in acquisitions. They have created a one stop service on floor of library-where students go to get everything. Question about how UTC role-out of WMS is going challenging.


New subcommittee for increasing profile at TBR.

Dr. Clark wants one issue at a time. We need to look at library role in retention. Work at local level and revisit. ACRL committee on how library affects retention. Could we ask some of our staff?


Yildiz would like a status report of what libraries are doing.


Bonnie suggests individual collection of stats. Suggest also literature search. Committee disbanded no action item involved.


August 3, 2012


Collaborative Storage Space

            ETSU starting institutional repository.  Looking a preservation space. Is it worth looking into collaborative space sharing? MTSU might be interested APSU, TSU, TTU. Chatt state wants to listen in. We may want to talk to Dr. Melton about cloud space.




TBR Libraries Staff Training and Development

            Scott suggests combining library instruction ideas. Challenges in sharing are the local differences. Chatt State uses and instruction wiki. Could create an instruction clearinghouse. Could use libguides. Scott and Pat will start talking about working on an idea.



Business Office Policies

            Sole source provider- A form needs to be filled out for any item over $5,000.


Capitalizing Books and Journals

            Libraries no longer major capital asset. Accountants are still figuring out how to handle. Do we want to get business office people and library people together? Two edged sword. Should we ask a TBR finance person to meet with us at the next meeting?


Professional Communication.

            Where do you get your professional reading? Robert uses twitter a lot. Many use twitter. Some people look at compilations of RSS feeds. AL Direct, Zite, TBR list, Pinterest, Scoopit. Atlas of new librarianship, Chronicle of Higher Ed. Steven Bell Kept up Librarian, In the Library with the Lead pipe.


The larger question What is the role of the librarian? Give them what they want or teach them to fish.


Mobile Access and E-resources

            How are you providing mobile. Memphis bought AirPac. Chatt State-Library Thing Pelisippi has Library Thing. Using Lib Guides mobile apps. MTSU has AIR Pack. Mobile tells where available computers are. Web site is mobile. Roane state is working on iPad Stuff. Looking for faculty to teach with iPads. Library could provide mobile iPads. Library looking at iPads as study kits