APRIL 27, 1999

The meeting was held in the Administrative Suite, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Attending: (20) Lynne Craver, Cleveland State Community College, Becky Brunton, Roane State Community College, Biddanda Suresh Ponnappa (for Fred Borchuk), East Tennessee State University, Peter Nerzak, Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Duncan Parsons, Northeast State Technical Community College, Sue Loper, Columbia State Community College, John Hitchcock, Motlow State Community College, Jim Veatch, Nashville State Technical Institute, Bob Lhota, Dyersburg State Community College, Scott Cohen, Jackson State Community College, Douglas Cross, Walters State Community College, Sharon Johnson (for Don Joyce), Austin Peay State University, Les Pourciau, University of Memphis, Rosa Burnett, State Technical Institute at Memphis, Vivian Stewart, Shelby State Community College, Don Craig, Middle Tennessee State University, Mike Rothacker, Volunteer State Community College, Winston Walden, Tennessee Technological University, Vicky Leather, Chattanooga State Technical Community College, and Linda Phillips Madsen, Tennessee Board of Regents.

I. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Chair, Winston Walden. He distributed the meeting

agenda and requested other agenda items from the floor. The agenda was accepted on a motion

by Becky Brunton, seconded by Rosa Burnett. All members present were given the opportunity

to introduce themselves.

  1. Scott Cohen read tributes to retirees Les Pourciau and Fred Borchuck citing the many contributions of each to both the field of librarianship and the Tennessee Board of Regents Library Deans and Directors. All present signed the tributes which Scott will have framed and present to the retirees.
  2. With one correction, the minutes of the previous meeting ( January 7, 1999) were accepted on a
  3. motion by Scott Cohen, seconded by Mike Rothacker. Item V detailing the distribution of TAF

    Funds was amended to read "Rosa distributed an introduction and Don Joyce distributed copies of the TAF Report requesting a percentage of TAF funds Ö"

  4. The Chair presented the time frame for the meeting, luncheon and library tour. It was decided that
  5. one bus will leave MTSUís campus at 3:00 and another at 4:00 to accommodate the needs/interests of all members.

  6. The next agenda item addressed the need for someone to fill Les Pourciauís remaining year on the
  7. TALC Board of Directors. The Chair noted that there are two members from two year institutions, two members from four year institutions and one member at large from anywhere.

    At present, Winston Walden, Yildiz Binkley, Rosa Burnett and Sue Loper hold the first four positions. John Hitchcock volunteered to fill the at large position for one year to complete the term vacated by Les Pourciauís retirement. His appointment was approved unanimously on a motion by Lynne Craver, seconded by Becky Brunton.

  8. Lynne Craver reported on the progress of planning the summer retreat. The only Thursday/Friday
  9. dates available at the Web School at Bell Buckle are June 24-25. June 25 conflicts with the beginning of the American Library Associationís summer conference. Members present suggested several alternative times/locations Ė the Craft Center at Tennessee Tech or one of the many state parks located in the middle Tennessee area. Several members expressed concern at the cost increase that would be incurred with holding the retreat at a state park. Other members suggested alternative times Ė earlier in the week of June 25 at Bell Buckle or during the previous two weeks at Bell Buckle. Lynne will check availability of facilities at Bell Buckle, the Craft Center and state parks and e-mail the group in the next two weeks to select the best time/place for the majority. Several agenda items were suggested Ė Mission/Vision/Values, the Stowers Report (in response to a proposal for integration of the library and computer center), rationale for valuation of library materials (of concern to auditors) and the possibility of borrowing the promotional video for the Renaissance Center. Lynne asked that other agenda items be sent to her.

  10. The next agenda item addressed the need to vote on the proposal for distribution of TAF Funds
  11. and subsequently send it to the Academic Affairs Sub-Council. Discussion centered on membersí concerns of the wording of this proposal. Suggestions for change included "We recommend that TAF funds be equitably allocated in support of Library technology services that accommodate students," and "We recommend that library technology funding be considered identical to other campus wide technology funding for student use in the acquisition or in the renewal and replacement cycle funding allocation of TAF." One member suggested that the word "computer" be replaced by "technology" so as not to limit the allocation of these funds to computers alone. Another member stated that after a conversation with her vice-president, she could not vote on any proposal that dictated a specific percentage of TAF funds be allocated to the Library. Rosa will take these recommendations and modify the wording of both the introduction and the proposal and e-mail the changes to the membership. A vote will be taken electronically prior to the first week in June.

  12. Sue Loper distributed a list of values statements of the TBR Library Deans and Directors Group as
  13. formulated at the retreat, summer, 1998. As statements 2 and 12 were almost identical, it was decided to delete statement 2. With this correction, a motion was made by Jim Veatch to accept these values as written. The motion was seconded by Lynne Craver. The vote was taken and the values approved. Further discussion of this subject was deferred to the retreat and this was added an agenda item with Mission and Vision.

  14. The next agenda item addressed the membership of the TBR Library Deans and Directors, most
  15. specifically, the membership eligibility of the Medical Library at East Tennessee State University and the Law Library at the University of Memphis. It was pointed out that neither library is a branch of another campus library. Those present decided that these libraries are in fact eligible libraries; the medical library at ETSU was represented at the meeting by Biddanda Ponnappa who was attending for Fred Borchuk; Winston Walden will contact the law librarian at University of Memphis. Winston will also contact Jim Winters at the Tennessee Board of Regents to have these two institutions added to the distribution list. The Chair appointed a committee to address Article 3 (regarding membership) of the By-Laws and incorporate the changes made last year regarding Article 5 (meetings.) Committee members are Scott Cohen, John Hitchcock and Lynne Craver. The Chair commented that Preston Medical Library, University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville, has petitioned TALC for membership. Lynne Craver noted that this would be a very positive addition to TALC due to this libraryís innovative programs and tremendous success in obtaining external funding.

  16. Scott Cohen distributed "A Response to the Proposal for Integration of the Library and Computer
  17. Center" written by Joel Stowers, retired library director at UT Martin. Discussion ensued as to the different goals of the two departments. Several negative aspects of subordinating the library to information systems were given. Principles of selection, organization and assessments of authenticity were cited as key factors in keeping the library a distinct entity. One member present noted that he currently reports administratively to the computer center and has not encountered any problems. Further discussion was deferred to the retreat and the issue was added as an agenda item for that meeting.

  18. Les Pourciau distributed a memo entitled "Accounting for Library Holdings" which he received from his Associate Vice President for Finance at the University of Memphis. This memo
  19. expressed concern regarding the current valuation of library holdings and the need for a more

    item specific cost estimation. This item was deferred to the retreat for discussion and the issue

    was added as an agenda item for that meeting.

  20. Jim Veatch posed a question regarding the handling of student computer accounts on individual
  21. campuses. He asked if they were issued all at once or on a request basis. Members present provided feedback; most institutions issue accounts at one time and then they are student activated with the first use.

  22. Bob Lhota introduced the Renaissance Center as an agenda item. He suggested that TALC
  23. promote the idea of the virtual library and how it supports the idea of a virtual university. It was suggested that TALC pursue funding through the Renaissance Center to take advantage of existing funds and form a mutually beneficial relationship. One member asked about the existence of a committee having to do with library services; while Bob is aware of two committees (research and technology), he is unaware of anything regarding library support. Winston noted that the Renaissance Center is on the TALC agenda. Lynne Craver will try to obtain a copy of the Renaissance Centerís promotional videotape for the retreat.

  24. Winston reminded the members present to forward any items for the TALC agenda to him.
  25. XV. With the upcoming retirement of Les Pourciau, attention turned to the location of the archives for

    the TBR Library Deans and Directors Group. The University of Memphis assumed this

    responsibility and has assured the group that materials will be retained as archival material. It

    was suggested that it be written in the By-Laws that it is the Chairís responsibility as he/she

    relinquishes that position, to mail all items for inclusion to the University of Memphisí

    Mississippi Valley Collection.

  26. The Chair asked if the membership wanted to continue meeting jointly with representatives of the

University of Tennessee system during our fall meeting. It was the general consensus that this

contact is beneficial and should be continued.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 for tours of the MTSU Library.

Respectfully Submitted,



Lynne Craver, Chair-Elect