Jackson State Community College                                                                       Fall 2014

3D Design projects                                                                                       Carol Norman




Wednesday 8/27: Intro, syllabus, materials, Design Principles,

Sept 3:  Paper: Critique Sept 10

Project # 1: Paper: This project has two parts to it.

Part A: Make a drawing of a face (animal or human) and then translate it into a paper relief. It can be a high relief or a bas (low) relief. Be aware of any shadows cast. You may use color but try not to rely too heavily on it to make your relief visually interesting.


Part B: 3D paper  Select several pieces of paper of varying dimensions. Alter these shapes by bending, curling, scoring, slitting and perforating. Join the sheets so that they produce interesting spatial relationships. This piece should be interesting Òin the round.Ó You may want to try to make a head based on your face relief.


Sept 10: Papier Malche: Critique Sept 24

Project # 2: Papier Malche  (closed and open forms)

 Using papier malche, create a sculpture that has both closed and open forms. Use an Image from art history as your point of departure.


Sept. 24: work on Papier malche


October 1: Wood Construction Critique October 8

Project # 3: Wood Construction (enclosing space)

Cut a piece of wood into various shapes with a jig saw, or work with pre-existing pieces (i.e. blocks, dowels, wooden skewers, twigs, lattice strips, 1x2s etc.) Arrange these shapes in a way that emphasizes the space between them so that the space becomes an important element of the design. You may nail, glue, tie, weave or bind the pieces together.


October 8: Wire  Critique Oct 15

Project # 4: Wire

Develop the way a line can move through space. Use wire to create a three dimensional line drawing. Remember to keep it interesting from all views.


Oct.15: Addition: clayÉÉCritique Oct 22

Project #5: Addition: a self portrait in clayÉÉÉ.

Create a clay sculpture/ that is, in some way, a self portrait. The texture should be an important part of the design


Oct. 22: finish clay piece


Oct 29: subtraction: /Critique Nov.5

Project #6: subtraction:  plaster or wood carving: use a non-objective shape to create a sense of movement



Nov 5:  Found object /Critique Nov 12

Project #7: Found object

Construct a sculptural piece that incorporates materials from the environment (in any sense of the word.) This can be a traditional art object, or an altered site, documented with photos.




Nov 12 : Light   /Critique  Nov. 19

Project # 8: Using Light

Using any 3D media, create a work that includes at least one source of light as a component of piece.


Nov 19: Kinetic /Critique Nov 26

Project #9: Kinetic sculpture

Create a sculpture that moves or has moving parts. It can be a mobile, something which uses a motor, or something that you can set in motion by touch. Be inventive!


Nov 26 : Project 10 Recycled Material /Critique Dec 3

What can you do with plastic grocery bags? They are everywhere and environmentally unfriendly. Use them to create a sculpture and thus turn them from trash to art. They can be bundled and tied, inflated and constructed, stretched over an armature or used as an armature for another material (i.e. reed, twine, wire or plaster), or whatever idea you might have.


Final Critique: Wednesday December 11  2:00-4:00 p.m.