Art P 1120 01 3D Design


Instructor: Carol Norman  (please call me Carol) Office: C143 Phone: 424-3520 (ext. 50223)


If you need to have a conference with me it is best to make an appointment, but my office hours will be posted by my door and you are welcome to stop by during those times. I plan to spend some of them here in the art studios. The phone #here is ext. 52550. My home phone # is 423 -1781. Only call me at home if its very important and you cannot reach me at school.


Course Description: An exploration of three-dimensional design principles through problems focusing on space, structure and surface. Students will investigate a variety of media including wood construction, plaster, clay, paper, wire and found object.


Studio Course Additional Hours In order to consistent with art programs across TN, and to insure that our students have sufficient time to complete our course requirements 3 credit studio classes at JSCC carry the expectation of an additional 3 hours of studio time. Students enrolling in these classes should understand that they are making a commitment to put in a minimum of 6 hours studio time. The studio is available Mon – Fri 7 am – about 9 pm You are welcome to work as long as there is no class in progress or the instructor gives you permission. This semester I will have an open studio on Monday afternoons for anyone who wants my input .


Course Objectives: 3D Design is a foundation course where you will:

      create art which integrates compositional elements and principles into the design

      demonstrate a knowledge of design principles

      solve design problems

      build basic craft skills

      view and discuss

      the work of  3D artists,

      our fellow students work

      our own work

      experiment with different approaches to art production.

      use a variety of media including paper, wire, wood, clay, plaster.

Please see the attached projects list for a more specific objectives.


Optional Text: Shaping Space by Mary Pat Fisher an d Paul Zelanski or Design Basics 2D & 3D


Assignments: This is a studio course and students should be prepared to work both in and outside of class on assignments. Please come to class ready to work and plan to stay at least for the scheduled class time. It will be impossible to get the work done in our limited class time. Be prepared ti spend time outside of class working on your projects. There will be frequent critiques. It is important to be able to discuss your work and the feedback we get from critiques can help us view our work from a new perspective. Please do not miss critiques and have your assignments done on time so that they can be critiqued as a group.


Clean up: This is a shared studio and it is imperative that you clean up after yourself. All surfaces must be left clean.  You are responsible for cleaning your work area and putting away your art work and materials.

Please get in the habit of checking to make sure your work area is clean before leaving.






      Grades are based on your individual progress in terms of concept and improvement of demonstrated in an individual portfolio review.

      Participation in discussions and critiques, as well your effort will be taken into consideration.


Each project will be critiqued and discussed in terms of

      how well it solves the problem,

      how successful the design is, regardless of the problem,

      your craftsmanship)




 You are allowed one week of absences per course. In a class that meets once a week you are only permitted to have one absence. Save it for an emergency!  More than that may influence your final grade.


STUDENTS WITH DISABLING CONDITIONS:  Jackson State does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission and access to academic programs, services or employment.  Students with disabilities should inform the instructor and contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) inside the Counseling Office so that appropriate accommodations can be made, based on the Americans with Disabilities Act.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide current, documented evidence of their disability to the DRC. Contact Linda Nickell, Dean of Students, at ext. 354 for additional ADA information, or go to the JSCC website at





additional materials will be assigned as needed for the projects